Winter Break

Kylie has been off all week so we've been trying to find things to keep her busy and have fun, too. 

Monopoly. (Yes, insert banker's daughter joke here). 

Trying to keep Sophie from wiping our game board clean! She likes sorting the Memory game. 

A gorgeous visit to the lake yesterday. We played games of trying to throw rocks to knock ice loose. Our lake doesn't fail us for adventure anytime of year!

Dunn Bros for hot cocoa (and a double chocolate muffin!) and card playing. 

This one is anybody's guess. All I knew is they were getting along so I didn't ask questions. 

Play date with school friend. 

Many other things including snow forts, Edge water park, swimming at the Y, gymnastics, visiting dad to deposit savings, and lunch with Auntie.  

And it's not even Christmas yet!

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