Our spunky, spirited, bright, and fiercely independent girl is 10 today! Crazy how fast the time has gone. Just for the record, she did feel taller this morning than when she went to bed. Ha!

She had her friend party last weekend so tonight is low-key, Pizza Luce, at home. After a day of parties and sugar at school, of course.


Date Day

Saturday was a special day for Kylie. Jon took her to Home Depot for a workshop in the morning. She made a mini bean bag toss game with a Valentine theme. Thanks Grandma Lyla for the suggestion.

Then it was time for the annual Father/Daughter Ball. As usual, she tore up the rug dancing the night away and came home exhausted and happy. Thanks to Miss Fae for doing a phenomenal job on her hair; that is WAY outside of my expertise.

Sophie and I stayed home and baked cookies. She will likely start going next year to the "Daughter Daughter Ball" as she lovingly referred to it as. All is well as she doesn't know what she's missing yet.


Christmas 2017

 Christmas Day. It was nice to have the girls wake up at home this year; many times they don't get to.

Kylie before her school Christmas program:

Sophie at her preschool program. 

Kylie had a pretty big speaking role for the church program. She did great and as you see, they didn't make them memorize the lines. But they all knew their parts well anyway.

Hammin' it up

And just because it's funny and true...



A few of you have noticed (and seemingly cared) that I haven't posted in a while. It turns out that the app I used on my phone to post on the blog is no longer supported in the current apple operating system. Code: I can no longer update the blog from my phone unless the upgrade the app .

This is HUGE. Very rarely do I even use the computer for non-work stuff, much less make the time in the evenings to do so. I typically can do a post from my phone in mere minutes, making it an easy thing to do anytime I have a wait or can't do something else.

Unless I can figure out an alternative, my posts will certainly be more limited. For now, here are a few pictures of the past several weeks.

Visiting Aunt G at her new job (UMD). 

Christmas City of the North Parade

Thanksgiving with Holly, Pat, and Aunt G

 Holly brought a craft again.
 Even Jon got in on it!

 We ate, cleaned up, and headed down to Bentleyville. No snow to celebrate with, but very mild temps and short(ish) line for Santa. Win win.

And the annual tree hunt. We got a whopper this year- both in terms of size and ugliness. Jon was all but begging me to just invest in an fake tree; I just can't get myself to do it yet. He's a trooper and doesn't complain, just grits his teeth a bit :-) 


Trick or Treat

Halloween was quick this year. K was cold and S complained of tired legs. Even so, more than enough candy was had. 


Gales of November!

The gales hit us early this year and really packed a punch on Friday. While we were building snowmen in our yard, the tourist areas on the lake really got pounded. Here's an article about our beach area along with a video of some damage.