Parental abandonment, surviving Auntie

JonJo decided to abandon their children once again to the merciless Auntie. Or maybe they abandoned Auntie to the merciless children. Whichever way, the three of us were stuck together this weekend.

The two of them play very well together.

Soap was digging the swings, and we ended up finding a friend from preschool who(se parent) recognized her. They ignored each other the whole time, so "friend" might provide a stronger connotation than intended, but...playground=friend, right? 

Soap also enjoys singing "Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Star" at the top of her lungs, as well as a few other choice tunes. Within minutes, the whole playground full of munchkins was a cacophony of every children's song, imagined or real, coming from very little faces. Our girls are leaders, no doubt. 


Kylie is still my gymnastics fiend. She learned a new something, and practiced it over, and over, and over...

I did have a picture of myself somewhere along the way, but seeing as I now have bangs and didn't shower that day, I'll keep it to myself. 

There was some wonderful playing together at my house. Since I didn't get my act together (I blame finals week and school and life) and pack before I left for work, I picked them up, and we went to my place for dinner and for me to pick up a few things. Guess what I had??? A BOX AND MARKERS!!!



Florida #3

A few miscellaneous pics from Disney:

On our way from Orlando to Ft. Meyers Beach, we made a couple pit stops. 

First was Black Hammock on Lake Jessup- known for all the alligators. We had lunch and went on an airboat ride. 

Then on to Chocolate Kingdom. A little tour and cacao education followed by K making a custom chocolate bar. 

She bought her own chocolate covered strawberry. 


Florida #2, Princesses

We brought along this photo mat and sharpies so the princesses each signed it. Now she can frame a pic from the trip and display it. 

Funny (not funny) story. When we unpacked, the Sharpies went on the kitchen counter. I remember thinking "move before Sophie finds." She beat me to the punch by 8am the next morning.  Her bedroom is now beautifully adorned with magenta sharpie. 

Florida, Post #1

Here are some pix of our Florida vacation: mom, dad, and Kylie. Yes we will probably pay out Sophie's portion in therapy years down the road. 

Saying goodbye to the little. 

You want to get on that plane? Ok, finish your homework please as it's not coming along!

True to Thompson style, carry on only!

Our Disney "magic bands". As in, magically watch the money fly out of your bank account! It was nice that these did everything including serving as our hotel room key!

The first two days we hit up Magic Kingdom. Apparently that was plenty. Halfway through the second day, Kylie said, "well we don't have to do THIS tomorrow!" 

Waiting in line. Again. Still. 

Swiss family tree house:

Carousel. She wasn't impressed. 

The fireworks were pretty cool!

Sugar on sugar on sugar. 

We were spent, but managed one last picture on our way out. 



What did we do in our free time?

We play hide and seek. Soapy is a creative hider. Especially when she says, from her hiding spot, "Where's Soapy? I'm here, I'm here!"

"Let's text Mom." (Actually it sounded like "test," but as "her patience" wasn't at the end, I made the leap to "text.") 

Playdough is always a good time! Some days she is brilliant! 

Other days, she calls this a volleyball...

...and this a snake. 

By the time you read this, JonJo and Kylie will be back home, all Florida-ed out!


Happy, um...Easter?

I have a confession. My mom and I forgot it was Easter. I mean, we had the eggs to hide, thanks to her prep and Jo's, and we knew it was a special church day, where do we go (JonJo's church, so Sophie would have some normal. For those of you who are friends with Jo on Facebook, you saw "normal" means "pulling apart my tights one sparkly string at a time." Neat). However, the night before, all of a sudden I was like, "MOM! What are we going to eat tomorrow??" You know, that big Easter dinner we all eat every year? Ham? Turkey? Deviled eggs? Yeah, we forgot all of it. So on my way home that night I stopped at the store and did some thinking. Ham...pork....bacon...BLT! That's right, we had fantastic BLTs on Easter. For supper I had been talking about making my Ugandan food, all week, so I did that (in the least Ugandan way possible). Chapati, oh how I've missed you!

I think we hid the eggs pretty well...

I wonder who the Easter Bunny is? He left his ears for Gamma Yaya to borrow, and then Soapy.

Can you even get over her cuteness??

We did get it together and dyed some eggs, which was so much fun!
Each of those pictures deserve their very own caption, but I am mildly cognisant of how wild about this kid I am, so I'll give you a break this once and collage the suckers.

Happy Easter everyone!!