Trick or Treat

Halloween was quick this year. K was cold and S complained of tired legs. Even so, more than enough candy was had. 


Gales of November!

The gales hit us early this year and really packed a punch on Friday. While we were building snowmen in our yard, the tourist areas on the lake really got pounded. Here's an article about our beach area along with a video of some damage.



Apples Apples Apples

We took our annual trip to Bayfield a couple weeks ago. Certainly a tradition. 


I guess when you run and play, warmth follows. Clearly I wouldn't know. 

The first time (to my knowledge) that S has made it across some monkey bars. She was very proud. That's all K does is hang, swing, pull, etc. 

Short hike and S wasn't having it. 

Apple eating on the hayride. 

What do we do with all our apples? Besides snacks and lunches: 

Apple pie!

Apple sauce!



Snow before Pumpkins!

I'm behind on posting and certainly didn't think this would be the next post 😁

Nobody was expecting this in our area. Was supposed to be rain and even my weather app said it was raining all morning. 

Even the dog wasn't impressed. 


The other cute pictures that didn't fit on the other posts

This worked well for a few seconds, until, oh wait, the driveway isn't big enough for two bikes. 

Kylie teaching Sophie how to mix "cement" and fill in a driveway (shout out to Grandma Lyla!)

You can never go wrong with Zumba!


The Aquarium

To my mind, The Great Lakes Aquarium is a great way to waste an afternoon! Kids can spend hours there, be amused, learn stuff (maybe) and it's great fun!

Stuff to look at! Maybe ducks? 

Playing otter! 

Look! A caribou! 

Whaaat?? A moose!! 

So much running!!

The always cool water stuff! 

Look at these cool animals!

Scuba Diving! 

I think Kylie thought it was more about drowning under water than diving...this was her for real face. On purpose.

Best of all, a tank of fish that you can "pet"...with one finger.... as they swim by. But still, so cool! (Full disclosure, I did touch a fish and do not feel the need to do so again.) 

Sophie was more of the "touch from the outside of the tank" mentality. 

One even reminded me of a Myth-buster!

 No, you're not seeing that wrong. Some of the fish poked noses out of the water to smell around at us. 

Total time spent: 2 hours. Including drive time. Eff. What am I going to do with the rest of the day!