Jon attended a conference in Denver and I got to tag along, but only thanks to Grandma Rosie and Grandma Lyla who came to take care of the challenging little buggers. And quite a challenge they proved to be!

The Coors Field tour (Colorado Rockies) was very worth it and very interesting. 

Only stadium with a brewery in it (Blue Moon).

Skyline view from my jog over to the U if C Denver campus. 

We tooled around the capital very briefly. 

Toured the Mint. 

Toured the Money Museum.

Never know what you'll find walking around a City. Like a ping pong tournament!

Alas we are home again. Where the views don't often get old!


I guess I'm officially an adult now- or something? So weird to step out and serve in a new capacity, but it should be good. I was voted in...while I was in Denver with Jon!

Jo Thompson has been nominated by the Lakeview Christian Academy Board of Directors to serve
as a member of the Lakeview Christian Academy Board of Directors.

Jo is a Regional Healthcare Preparedness Coordinator for the seven county Northeast Region of
Minnesota. Her role consists of working closely with public health and emergency management to
prepare for and mitigate the effects of disasters on hospitals, clinics, and long term care facilities.

Prior to her current position, Jo worked as a preschool teacher for 4 years at Benedictine Preschool in

Jo holds a Masters of Public Health from Walden University in addition to a Bachelor of
Science degree in Health and Wellness from the University of Minnesota.

Jo is married to Jonathan and they have two children, Kylie (8) who attends LCA and Sophie (3).


3rd Grade

K survived her first week of third grade. She seems to be liking it and did well. 

The rain washed away my usual picture place along our wooden fence so we will do that yet here soon. 

Her teacher, Miss Drexler. 



Last weekend we met mom and Jerry so they could take K for a few days. Lots of swimming, playing, and fighting with her cousin :) Not a single picture of all that tho!

We made a mini trip to a Twins game along with some yummy eating and a little shopping. 

Birthday outfit from Grandma Rosie and Grandpa Jerry. Would be even cuter if she wasn't holding herself!

Tall ships were in town this weekend is this is as close as I was willing to get to the 325,000 people this event drew. Crazy. 


Busy Girl

K went to camp a couple weeks ago from Sunday-Friday! She was both excited and nervous, but had a blast. 

Two minutes of them peacefully coexisting the day after she got back. 

This week she went to theatre camp at St. Scholastica and performed Robinhood last night and very much enjoyed it. She was part of the MerryBand. 


She asked us about 4 times if we were bringing her flowers. We caved and did it. 


Damiano Center

Here is a news clip on the Damiano Center, where Jon serves on the Board of Directors. I've found it pretty cool to listen to stories he comes home with and it's always a good reminder of how fortunate we are. The working poor is certainly a fast growing population!