Kylie Has Energy

Anyone who has ever met Kylie has at least an inkling she has a little extra energy to burn off. She also loves gymnastics. She can be seen doing this on the couch or against the wall approximately 23 hours of the day.

(if the video doesn't work, here's the link: https://youtu.be/-OGnib0d5L4)

Not to be outdone, Soaf-a-loaf has the somersault down pat.


Can anyone blame me for thinking of changing my basement into a gymnastics friendly area?


What do you do all winter?

Many people assumed when I moved back to Minnesota that we spend all winter inside. No ma'am! Other than snowmen, sledding, snowshoeing, and a good old fashioned hike, we've got everyone's favorite, ice skating! Two blocks away there is the local skating rink for Kylie. There are three hockey rinks, plus a smaller skating rinks and a warming shed. It's packed every night. This particular night, there were too many pucks flying around, everyone was wearing a helmet. much to Kylie's dismay.

Some of these kids are crazy talented, forward, backward, sideways and I wouldn't have been surprised to see a flip. Kylie just skates and plays in the snow.


Kylie's first broomball!

“There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”
― Alfred WainwrightA Coast to Coast Walk



Our school and work schedules proved to be quite quirky this year. Last Monday, K headed back to school while the three of us were off. We took S to the zoo. ALMOST surprisingly, all she cared about was playing at the park and eating the lunch dad packed. 

Making ice cream with mom:

Bed head is no worry until food has been consumed:

Christmas in January

Rolling dice!


Grandma and Grandpa with their brood:


Christmas Program

I got the extreme pleasure of attending two of the three Christmas programs this year. One church and one from Kylie's school. It's a Christmas program. Skip the explanation, straight to cutie-patutie pictures!

Kylie got her own little speaking part. She memorized and executed perfectly!

Kylie's school program. 

They do the same song every year, and it's so catchy I had to stop myself from singing along. Sophie watches the videos and dances along. It's adorable!!



It's Official!

That's right folks, it is finally official. 67 days after my very first offer was put on my very first house, I have signed a tall stack of paperwork and closed on a house! It was -10 degrees; windchill -35. If I'm still willing to live here under those conditions, I think I'm happy with my decision.

While I'm sure you're MUCH more interested in the cute pictures of the girls I'll post later, here are a couple of house pictures for posterity.

And now for the stuff we've all been waiting for: Sophie and Kylie! Today's fun brought to you by an old cape, given to me many moons ago, re-gifted to Kylie, and now loved by all. They ran around the house saying, "I'm Captain America!"  "I'm Superman!" So much cute. 

More coming soon, stay tuned!


Winter Break

Kylie has been off all week so we've been trying to find things to keep her busy and have fun, too. 

Monopoly. (Yes, insert banker's daughter joke here). 

Trying to keep Sophie from wiping our game board clean! She likes sorting the Memory game. 

A gorgeous visit to the lake yesterday. We played games of trying to throw rocks to knock ice loose. Our lake doesn't fail us for adventure anytime of year!

Dunn Bros for hot cocoa (and a double chocolate muffin!) and card playing. 

This one is anybody's guess. All I knew is they were getting along so I didn't ask questions. 

Play date with school friend. 

Many other things including snow forts, Edge water park, swimming at the Y, gymnastics, visiting dad to deposit savings, and lunch with Auntie.  

And it's not even Christmas yet!