Catch Up!

Super bowl picnic!

Two hour delay? Head to work with mom and play on your tablet!

Mom finally caved to the relentlessness asking to go to Dunkin Donuts after school.

A beautiful Friday off with Sophie and mom. It was gorgeous. 


Father Daughter Ball 2017

Another year in the books! K wore her same dress from last year and even wanted her hair the same way so she looks much the same! Probably the last time we will far away with that so we went with it. 

She boogied all night!



K has needed some Ortho work to fix a cross bite. This week she had the expander glued in. She was all smiles for a bit, but major soreness followed for a few days. She seems to have adjusted though and all is well. 


Making Grandma Laugh

We are almost at the two week mark since moms surgery and she's doing great! While she was in surgery, we got a little.....bored. Boredom can be fun though. Here's to Grandma Rosie!

(No Caption!)


Jeri and Gayle on the "manual stairs" as Jerry called them. 

Random beds in the hall!

"Do not offer sweets as rewards" says the hospital that just closed their MCDONALDS!!!!

The security guard was confused as to why we'd want his picture, but obliged and smiled pretty anyway!

Tom taught Jerry a few games on the iPad. Kept him busy for a bit. 

Not sure what these two have, but it's likely quite contagious!

Like mother, like daughter- find a way to clean!

Six! That's how many waiting rooms we ended up in for one surgery. Luckily the bulk of it was just one. 

Possibly the funniest Doctor/surgeon I've ever met. He wanted to keep his mask on so he could "still rob a bank."

After hearing of the successful and flawless surgery, the first toast was sent in all the way from Arizona!

Happy healing mom/grandma!!!


Kylie Has Energy

Anyone who has ever met Kylie has at least an inkling she has a little extra energy to burn off. She also loves gymnastics. She can be seen doing this on the couch or against the wall approximately 23 hours of the day.

(if the video doesn't work, here's the link: https://youtu.be/-OGnib0d5L4)

Not to be outdone, Soaf-a-loaf has the somersault down pat.


Can anyone blame me for thinking of changing my basement into a gymnastics friendly area?


What do you do all winter?

Many people assumed when I moved back to Minnesota that we spend all winter inside. No ma'am! Other than snowmen, sledding, snowshoeing, and a good old fashioned hike, we've got everyone's favorite, ice skating! Two blocks away there is the local skating rink for Kylie. There are three hockey rinks, plus a smaller skating rinks and a warming shed. It's packed every night. This particular night, there were too many pucks flying around, everyone was wearing a helmet. much to Kylie's dismay.

Some of these kids are crazy talented, forward, backward, sideways and I wouldn't have been surprised to see a flip. Kylie just skates and plays in the snow.


Kylie's first broomball!

“There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”
― Alfred WainwrightA Coast to Coast Walk



Our school and work schedules proved to be quite quirky this year. Last Monday, K headed back to school while the three of us were off. We took S to the zoo. ALMOST surprisingly, all she cared about was playing at the park and eating the lunch dad packed. 

Making ice cream with mom:

Bed head is no worry until food has been consumed: