Trampoline Park

We've got this new trampoline park in Duluth. It is awesome and magical and wonderful. (I assume. I haven't actually been there. But Grandma Lyla took pictures, and everyone shared stories!) I think the pictures are explanation enough!


Farm Visit

Grandma Lyla came for a visit last weekend. Yay! JonJo's CSA had a plant sale, and my mom has never met a plant sale she doesn't love. And since Jonathan is all about supporting his people, we made the trek out, with Sophie in tow.

First, look at plants in greenhouse.

Jonathan and my mom looked at the plants...for...ev...er... And then went out to the field...

...to look at dirt. (Mom tells me it was impressive (insert farm words here) dirt.)

I didn't dress adequately, so I quickly headed to the car.

For those of you who can't tell, this is my "brrr, I'm cold" face. And no, the lack of color in my face and lips is not due to near death hypothermia...it's just how I look. 
Sophie was in a "look at me" mood, so I did! We had tons of fun! Me from my warm car. Her burning off energy. Mom and Jon looking at dirt. Win-win-win!   

"Auntie, look at me!"

Can you even stand the joy on that girl's face!!!

We rounded out the drive home with a stop at the chocolate factory. Sophie got to dip worms in chocolate. Auntie spent too much money on chocolate and taffy. So it goes.

School is OUT

OK, school has been out for a while now, but let's be real. This stupid lack of phone app just cramps my style.

Sophie is officially in Kindergarten!

Some of her main buddies:

Copious (ok, stupid) amount of sugar consumed the last week of school. Makes this mama crazy:

Kylie's teacher who really was good for her. She had her on a pretty short leash and expected K to give her best. She ended with all A's and B's despite a rocky start in a couple subjects!

Amazingly, it was beach weather on the last day (done at noon). So we took advantage! Unfortunately, the higher water levels in fall and winter led to a really nasty beachfront.

First homemade popsicles of the summer. And you guessed it, NO SUGAR and she gobbled it right up. They're delicious.

Girl's night with face masks because...why not :-) 

We are at the end of week two with the summer nanny. She's learning both girls and being challenged every step of the way as we suspected. But I think she's a good fit!


Ambulance Ride

As [art of a grant I work on, we needed to practice our "Patient Transfer Point" which happens to be in Duluth. I suggested we use Kylie as the patient; both she and Gold Cross Ambulance obliged. She was really nervous at first, but ended up having fun with it. These are all way out of order, but I'm not going to fix them! I really miss having this on my phone.


Snow Day Fun and Exploring!

As anybody in Minnesota (and really, much of the country!) can attest, winter really dug the heels in this year and hung on. Monday was another snow day after a quick 13" of snow so the girls and I hung out. We had a good day just being at home, but like most days, but the afternoon it was time to get everybody out of the house. Even the kids are pretty over playing in the snow.

First, Kylie and I made banana bread and muffins while Sophie went outside with the neighbor boy.

After hearing from a friend, I decided to head down to Canal Park. Am I ever glad we did; it was an amazing site to see the leftovers of Lake Superior's fury! We could have spent even more time exploring had I dressed appropriately! The girls were hot, of course, while I was....not.

Ice caves created by trees being washed in water and ice!

From what I hear, I don't believe any of the hotels sustained damage, but I would imagine some of the property may need some work. If I wasn't familiar with the area, I would have no idea where the Lakewalk even was. Probably 2' of ice buildup over the entire area. 

Videos were circulating about this storm and one included this seawall being washed over completely by the lake, which is obvious in this picture.

Lucky us, our first bridge lift of the season and it was the Coast Guard coming into Port. 

It was a very fun afternoon of exploring!


Where my girls at?

One last post for all the cute pictures I didn't do anywhere else.

Again, big shout out to Mary for the super cute matching aprons! I just love those faces!!

A moment of calm.

Gotta love an Auntie dog pile!

The day everyone got home, we went to breakfast at Uncle Loui's. Sophie's face when she got the chocolate chip pancake bigger than her head. 

Bonus points for anyone who can tell me what the title has to do with the picture (I love Sunday School stuff): 



The best way to burn time and energy in Minnesota is sledding. Especially on beautiful, sunny, fantastic days. This is a hill at UMD that the girls love.

Slide (or "snowboard") down...


...trek back up

Sometimes your sled gets away from you and you learn the importance of grip and paying attention to your sled rather than messing with your little sister.

Rest for a second at the top of the hill.

Be adorable.

And the very best part of the whole day, watching Sophie get into her sled.

It's hard to get a good shot, but I did try.

One more time for good measure.

Grandma and I did not sled, since we didn't have appropriate snow gear with us. So, the very last downhill of the day, we grabbed the sleds from the girls and flew down!