Last weekend we met mom and Jerry so they could take K for a few days. Lots of swimming, playing, and fighting with her cousin :) Not a single picture of all that tho!

We made a mini trip to a Twins game along with some yummy eating and a little shopping. 

Birthday outfit from Grandma Rosie and Grandpa Jerry. Would be even cuter if she wasn't holding herself!

Tall ships were in town this weekend is this is as close as I was willing to get to the 325,000 people this event drew. Crazy. 


Busy Girl

K went to camp a couple weeks ago from Sunday-Friday! She was both excited and nervous, but had a blast. 

Two minutes of them peacefully coexisting the day after she got back. 

This week she went to theatre camp at St. Scholastica and performed Robinhood last night and very much enjoyed it. She was part of the MerryBand. 


She asked us about 4 times if we were bringing her flowers. We caved and did it. 


Damiano Center

Here is a news clip on the Damiano Center, where Jon serves on the Board of Directors. I've found it pretty cool to listen to stories he comes home with and it's always a good reminder of how fortunate we are. The working poor is certainly a fast growing population!



Day 5 - Final Thoughts

Today was just a get up and go to the airport kind of day. Kylie reorganized everything to her liking. She has the best bed-making method I've ever seen.

Despite putting Kylie in the room with the least distractions (ie my crap), she still managed to leave me a few surprises with her rearranging. Rubber bands in my perfectly arranged shoes. Clay in my tea light holders. My jewelry in a purse I never use, under my socks. A rock she found where my jewelry usually is. But guess who doesn't care? That's right, this guy! She was quiet, stayed in her room, and eventually slept. I call that a win!

We took a mall detour, thanks to a flight delay. Lots of jumping and climbing in the kids area.

She is still amused by an escalator. Up. Down. Up. Down.  

A delayed flight, a detour to a mall, and lots of traffic, my lovely girl and my big brother were leaving me again. Luckily I could tell her I would see her in a few months. And be around for a good long while. Yep, that's right Auntie G is moving to Duluth!


Day 4 - Kylie and Ginger

Today was Kylie and Ginger's special day. We told Jonathan to get lost, and we headed out to coffee. Of course. After coffee, we went to the Farmer's Market to find gifts for Jo. The place is filled with smelly stuff, so Kylie smelled and smelled until she found some things she liked, and there we go! One was a lotion called Monkey Farts, the other a Fresh Breeze soap. Interesting.

Next off to the main event: The Hands On Children's Museum.

If building is an option, she gravitates toward that. As Grandma Lyla says, "a future MAPPER!"

We certainly can't miss out face painting. Except you can't see your own face as often as you can see your arm. Also, this is more like a tattoo. Win/win. 

The competitive part of her came out with this lovely shoving match via one of the exhibits. For the record, smaller Kylie won.  

One last cute picture of the museum.

After the museum we headed to the park, where we played a game where the story went like this: There is a pirate ship coming, over there, and we don't know it's there (or sometimes we do, depending on the version of story) and we have to get ready for it. Getting ready means cleaning and cooking. Literally cleaning the wood chips out of every nook and cranny of the playground equipment. Breaks for eating some delicious food, and learning about swimming and flying, but yeah. The kid is amazing, and whatever she grows up to be, it will be done very well.  


Day 3 - Ginger almost cries

Today was the day of Wild Waves - Amusement and Water Park. A little preview of things to come; I hate roller coasters. Hate. I don't like heights, I don't like the "thrill" of being scared. No thank you! I do love anything that has to do with water. Jonathan, on the other hand, loves roller coasters. I was happily prepared to watch and take pictures for the amusement park part of the day.


No thank you. 

Thought about it, but again, no.

So much no, I can't even tell you. 

Not even a gun to my head would get me on this. Thankfully, Kylie thought it was a bit much for her this time around, so we let Jonathan go alone and cheered from the sidelines. 

Wait, we found one! The best ride of them all...

Then we did the waterpark. No pictures because, well, water. Plus, I was actually riding stuff. I went on a couple of mildly "zingy" water rides, so when Kylie requested I join her on the ferris wheel. I was feeling my oats, I saw the wee little ride in the kiddie park, no problem! I'm the coolest aunt ever! As I said on Facebook: We got stuck at the top for an hour (maybe a minute) and I hyperventilated (closed my eyes really tight and almost got a bit misty eyed). Kylie was a trooper and kind and finally understood why I don't go on rollercoasters with them.

Here is my final oblivious smile.

Followed by two hours of traffic (even with back roads), and Kylie really gets a gold star for maturity. She did great!