Bentleyville (or Thanksgiving Part 2)

Another year at Bentleyville. So wonderfully mild even I never got cold while we were down there!


Thanksgiving, Part 1

We had a relaxing Thanksgiving with a little company. 

Holly brought a craft along. That included paint and glitter....my favorite two things (said no mom EVER!). The girls loved it though. 

Football watching, game playing, picture viewing laziness. 

Homemade apple pie and vanilla ice cream. And the standard pumpkin. Poor guy, nobody ever really wants to eat it, but do anyway. 


First Snow!

Sophie hiding behind the chair because she had zero interest in going outside to play. 

We got more snow after this and they enjoyed playing outside more on Saturday when the winds relaxed a bit. 

Playing outside doesn't zap this kids energy. At all. 


Random Thompson Life

Potty training still taking hold:

Swimming with mom:

Making bars. With chocolate of course:

She got hot while doing a puzzle. That tells you the puzzle was not her only focus!


Trouble Comes in.....Two's?

Sophie and Kylie are very different. Yet frighteningly alike. Pretty sure these pictures demonstrate that!

This is how she thinks she's hiding when she has something she shouldn't (almost always from K's room). Usually I hear "pitter patter pitter patter, thud" which is her diving under her bed. 

Pretty sure I have a similar picture of K when all the kids are doing one thing yet the Thompson monkeys have to do things just slightly different!

Once in a while they are nice and calm...


Is This Really Happening?

The weather has been absolutely crazy awesome. To be outside all time and not be cold or wet this late in the year is just amazing. This very thankful mama has taken full advantage of it with trips to the park daily, even twice yesterday!

Funny how the sun can make her look so angelic!

Between gymnastics class and the monkey bars, Kylie has self selected to abstain from her favorite pastime of monkey bars (today) because her hands hurt so bad. She truly never stops moving and swinging. 

Sat outside in the sun yesterday to paint nails. Just nuts!


A mocha and a cookie

Picnic and a movie between the bank and trick or treating. 

Full size bars!