Science Board

Wow this is awful for the parent who wants it to look perfect. Questions / comments I keep biting my tongue on:

But what is the main subject or topic?
That doesn't match!
Why would you do it that way?

I'm even questioning the order she's doing things in. Time to back away and let her brilliant mind and imagination take over. (Helicopter parent stepping out of room now). 

Funny Kylie story. As we are trying to figure out summer care, we have been meeting some sitters and nannies. When we told her somebody was coming over to meet us to see if we like them, see if they like us, etc, she nonchalantly replied, "Who wouldn't like is?" 

Touché kid. What's not to love about this circus!


That One Nice Spring Day

Monday after school we changed clothes, grabbed snacks, and were off to the park. The only dry one around as it has the rubber shreds. 


St. Patty's Day Fun and Food

Lunchtime. This balanced out the boxed Mac and cheese. Maybe?

K asked to bake cookies during S's nap. Sure, if we can make them green:)

Batter tester woke up:

Saturday night we had a party with friends. I realized I took pictures of some of the food and none of the people. Go figure!

My attempt at cloverleaf veggies:

Fun ice!

Irish Coddle. I doubled the recipe and it made a TON (this pic was only part of it) Luckily it was very well recieved by the 6 adults and 10 kiddos otherwise we'd have been in trouble. Essentially it's bacon, sausage, potato, onion, stock, and thyme. 

Dessert for the kiddos. Lucky Charm bars. 

Sophie's selfie that I found on my phone today!



Yes I've been a slack. Just too many areas to focus my time and energy- the blog isn't at the top of my priority list!

This was on a really warm day before most of the snow melted. Walking through Chester typicallg gets initials pushback from the girls, but almost always ends up enjoyable for all. 

In New Ulm together for aunt Gayle's bday and retirement party. 

Spring break for K included helping Grandma Lyla paint at G's house. Kylie is now convinced it's time to repaint her room. 

Helping mom bake. It's hard to keep TWO tongues off the spoons and mixers!

Our first time experiencing a suite for a UMD hockey game which was a lot of fun. Funniest part was everybody assuming Jon scored the tickets. This time it was me!

Surprised them with ice cream after school. 

After that we went to the library. S just wanted to do crafts (i.e. cut and eat glue). 

No joke. Just like her sister was. Soap, lotion, hand sanitizer, Chapstick, glue, and paint are all edible to her. 

Trying to burn off steam at the Y. 

Guess she had a good nap!

Anybody who drives off the tourist path in Duluth knows this to be SPOT ON:



The kid asked to borrow my glasses. What do you think? Are we related? 

How about now? Same family tree?

I've had the super fun job of watching the girls while doing things they love. One evening when JonJo went out for an exciting date night (grocery shopping, or the like), it was decided to watch The Princess Bride. YES! Kylie wanted to sit by me on the couch. Within five minutes Soapy was feeling left out and joined us. My heart was all fulled up.

In other news, Soapy is a mad dog at Crazy Eights. She loves to play, she plays to win. Let's not teach this one to bet, eh? 


Birthday Girl

Our last year before K goes double digits! She had her party at the Gymnastics Academy. The kids seemed to have fun. Adults, too, but they got in trouble!


Catch Up!

Super bowl picnic!

Two hour delay? Head to work with mom and play on your tablet!

Mom finally caved to the relentlessness asking to go to Dunkin Donuts after school.

A beautiful Friday off with Sophie and mom. It was gorgeous.