Sophie had her first trip to the dentist along with checkups for K and me. She did very well as they took her while I was in the chair and let K sit with her. Worked quite well!

She did not take those big blue eyes off of him for a second!

We all had a clean bill of health, "keep doing what you're doing!"


Must be 65 or older to enter

My very good friend from long, long ago came up this weekend so we could go to the Minnesota Quilter's Convention. You read that right. QUILTS!!!

The whole DECC was set up with quilts. Here, there, everywhere! This is what we mostly did:

Look at the quilt.

Look at the quilt closer. 

Take pictures of the quilts we loved. 

It was fantastic. Be jealous. Not all quilts were just pretty or skilled. Some took a turn toward political: 

Expressing frustration: 

Being clever: 

Meant to represent "When Hell Freezes Over." Note the penguins.  

Nerding out: 

Giving in to the crazy cat lady stereotype: 


Best quilt in show:

And overall awesome. So here is just a whole bunch of pictures of impressive quilts. 

I love the 3D thing lately. Impressive. 

They had a Lion King theme thing. People did some awesome stuff.

Duluth is not a bad town.


"Good" Influence?

I'm a bit of a fire bug. I love me a good bonfire. Kylie may or may not have shown an interest in fire. Soooo I'm doing my best to foster the love and instill the safety. I actually said the phrase, "Remember when I told you before not to play with fire in the house? This is where we play with fire." Yep!

Here we go. Fire safety.

First, we find stuff to burn.

Second, we burn stuff. 

That's about it! Hours and hours of fun. 

And here some cutie patootie pictures for good measure: 



Track and Field

Kylie's teacher asked if I'd help for track and field day on Tuesday. My calendar didn't really provide a good excuse to say no. 

Borrowing somebody's "fake"'glasses:

It was SO COLD and windy!

About half of her class and Miss Drexler:

I ended up enjoying myself quite a bit. And it was a good "put things in perspective" afternoon for me. Kylie can be a pill, but I experienced far worse with some of the kids. They are CRAZY.