The other cute pictures that didn't fit on the other posts

This worked well for a few seconds, until, oh wait, the driveway isn't big enough for two bikes. 

Kylie teaching Sophie how to mix "cement" and fill in a driveway (shout out to Grandma Lyla!)

You can never go wrong with Zumba!


The Aquarium

To my mind, The Great Lakes Aquarium is a great way to waste an afternoon! Kids can spend hours there, be amused, learn stuff (maybe) and it's great fun!

Stuff to look at! Maybe ducks? 

Playing otter! 

Look! A caribou! 

Whaaat?? A moose!! 

So much running!!

The always cool water stuff! 

Look at these cool animals!

Scuba Diving! 

I think Kylie thought it was more about drowning under water than diving...this was her for real face. On purpose.

Best of all, a tank of fish that you can "pet"...with one finger.... as they swim by. But still, so cool! (Full disclosure, I did touch a fish and do not feel the need to do so again.) 

Sophie was more of the "touch from the outside of the tank" mentality. 

One even reminded me of a Myth-buster!

 No, you're not seeing that wrong. Some of the fish poked noses out of the water to smell around at us. 

Total time spent: 2 hours. Including drive time. Eff. What am I going to do with the rest of the day!

I'll Just Leave This Here...

Official taste tester. Oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies were a HIT. 


Race Safety

The story below highlights, in part, how the funding I work under has helped better prepare MN for all sorts of events, including something similar to last weekend's unthinkable tragedy. However, the decrease in funding (as well as limitations on that funding) has and will continue to directly affect how prepared our state is!


On another note, the article also mentioned the Twin Cities Marathon from this past weekend. While I didn't run the full 26.2 this time, my 10 mile journey certainly gave me time to reflect on the safety of such events. While it doesn't keep me from getting out and enjoying, I do have a different perspective when I'm in large crowded areas. Jon also noticed the new (since last time I ran there) 6 foot fencing that lined the finish area; no more clear view of runners coming in to finish! But I digress. Here are a few pictures from race day with my friend and running partner, Amy.


Battles I Didn't Pick

I had the girls again this weekend. It was one of those weekends... no one was at their best (put me at the top of that list!).  Here are a few of the battles I didn't pick:

Sitting on chairs

Caring what they did outside, as long as they were OUT! Here we see the normally indoor activity, coloring.

Getting wet at the Aquarium. It's supposed to be wet, right?

Going down the slide like a normal kid (they both were kittywhompus every time they came down!)

Ice Cream (it was an Ice Cream truck, who can blame me!)



Our first fall Friday. With dad at work and sister at school, we set out to enjoy our day. 

We have a lot of cats around and I'm fairly sure they all belong to people who just let them out all the time. This one kept coming back to S:

One of our fav spots at the lake:

And on our way to get K in the afternoon: 

We are pretty well into our a school year routine. K is tolerating her time at school and S seems to be enjoying preschool and meeting new friends. 

Lester Park

A few weeks ago as attempted to geocache as a way to motivate the girls to hike more (sans whining!!). It didn't work how we thought, but still good time spent in one of our great parks. 

Trying to decide if she can make it across without going in the drink:

Sophie and I took the bridge, of course!