Day 2, Sunday

For the first time in my life I was awake FOUR HOURS before Sunday morning church service. Don't worry, we were still plenty late. Little tip for those of you who think it's a good idea to take advice from me, don't calculate what time you want to arrive, check google maps for drive time, then start getting ready to leave five minutes before that. Getting ready doesn't mean the same thing here. So, we get to church 15 minutes late or so. Kylie has never been late to anything, in her life. It was hilarious. "We usually park there, but we can't, because we are so late." And the thing was, she wasn't being a brat about it, it was just...."I don't even know what to say or do. We're late!" The people at the kids area were great. They know me (of me) somewhat and just had all the grace in the whole world. I remembered Sophie's diapers, but not actually to bring them in the car. I clumsily nudged a baby carrier (covered in a HUGE blanket, in my defense!) and woke up a baby. I asked, "what do I do next?" more times than I ought. All I got in return were loving smiles and patience.

Then we made it home, victorious! Today it snowed and was nice for outdoor fun.

Limbo (hard to see rope in the picture, Sophie running under):

Puddle splashing: 

Yep, Dakota is still around: 

Not actual sledding, but playing with sleds: 

And cleaning the "no" 

I don't know, fun with this rope? 

After working up an apatite, I gave the girls something totally new: TOFU! It was in a stir-fry sort of thing, and they loved it. Tofu is an officially an acceptable food! (Ok, maybe not in this picture, but I promise, they gobbled it right up!)

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