Saturday, Day 1

Ok. This is it. First official day. The good news, I survived! Really, it went great.

We did coloring (indicated by Sophie asking for "purple," and translated by Kylie).

We took TONS of selfies. 

We hung out on the beautiful sun porch (a nod to Grandma Lyla, who loves that porch, and to Grandma Rosie, who supplied Kylie's outstanding outfit). 

I just love this picture. 

Kylie headed off to watch her friends dance, and Sophie found a fun new game. Go, get the puzzles, take them all out, make sure NONE of the pieces are together, put them back in the box. 



3. Ok, ok, enough with the puzzle pictures! I get it!

And then, after some top notch bribery coupled with a very helpful Kylie, we ended the evening like this:

Who could ask for anything more? 

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