Sleeping and Strolling

I hate to admit this and have been in denial about it, but Kylie is a very light sleeper. We don't try to be quiet while she's sleeping, but that doesn't seem to be helping. Rarely will she sleep when we're out and out about. She doesn't sleep when shopping, at church, or pretty much anywhere except a quiet area. It's really frustrating and I sure hope that starts to change. She's also not getting anymore tolerant about having her hands while she sleeps. We're still swaddling her really tightly for sleeping, but our plan is to "ease" her out of that by wrapping her less tightly each day.

We've gone on a few walks using the stroller and so long as we stay moving, she's fine. The horrible roads and sidewalks in Duluth seem to help keep her calm! She actually fell asleep in there yesterday, about 2 miles into a 3+mile walk. The instant we got home and I unhooked her carseat from the stroller, she was wide awake. Not happy, mind you, just awake.

Kylie has also been battling a cold for about 2 weeks now and it doesn't seem to be going away. I finally took her into the doctor on Monday since we were leaving town and she did have a slight ear infection. We're hoping it's not also some kind of allergies (like to the huge fur ball we've had for 4 years). If she's not better by the end of next week, I'll make another appointment. She has been fussier than usual so we're all trying to cope.

Finally, I know she looks like a boy, but I had to try out an outfit I found at a garage sale last summer...go GOPHERS!!!

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Katie said...

I LOVE that first picture. It makes me smile. :) And it does look like Kylie is actually cheering for the gophers in that last picture, but it must be because she can't read yet. If she could, she'd know she should be wearing a Bulldogs shirt instead!