Changing Too Fast!

Kylie seemed to change a lot this past week. She's finally completely healthy which makes a world of difference. She's finally sleeping in her crib again since she can now breathe just fine. Kylie giggled for the first time on Thursday...I put her feet up by her face and made some crazy noises. Personally, if somebody did that to me I'd either cry or break something, but apparently when you're young and agile, it's pretty cool. I haven't been able to get her to giggle since. She's also using her voice a lot more to talk which makes us laugh a lot. She has a lot to say, just like mommy!

Kylie also found her thumb this week. She's been trying since birth, halfway succeeding by sucking on her entire first. She can now manipulate just her thumb and suck away. I thought this was our way to transition out of the tight swaddling, but that isn't going very well and we've gone back to the full swaddle. She wasn't napping when she had her thumb; she'd either stay awake sucking or turn into hysterical screaming and flailing around. Last night she got so worked up it took me a while to settle her down. So....swaddling it is!

And yesterday, she rolled over for the first time from tummy to back. It wasn't by chance because she's replicated it two or three times already. She also gets her butt up in the air pretty good when she's on her belly. So she's on her way to mobility (scary for mom and dad)!
We've been enjoying a lot of walking with the nicer weather. She seems to enjoy the stroller and falls asleep in there easily. Now the trick is getting her to stay sleeping and transition her crib once we get home. She doesn't stay sleeping in the stroller once it's not moving otherwise I'd just leave her in there. There is always something to figure out with parenting!
Daddy is sick with another cold...apparently having a child decreased his immunity. He's had maybe a cold per year at the most since we've been married and now he had two almost back-to-back since Kylie arrived. I pray she does not get whatever he has!

We're off to enjoy another beautiful day!

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