Sleep Begets Sleep!

Well, it's been a pretty low-key week for Kylie. She's been fighting off a cold since Sunday and hasn't quite been herself each day, although she's still doing well. We try to keep her comfortable and she's tolerating it pretty well, despite not being able to breathe very well at times and blowing snot bubbles the size of a quarter (daddy's gag reflex is alive and well when the booger sucker comes out!).

We had established a good routine with her, but I decided to mess with it yesterday. She had slept from 10-8 Wednesday night so I wanted to try bumping that up which meant changing her feeding times throughout the day. I was a bit worried I'd be up with her last night, but she slept 9-7 with no problems. She seems to love going to bed at night as she typically doesn't even fuss and goes right to sleep when we lay her in her crib. She was sleeping in my arms again by 8:20 this morning! Apparently the 10 hours she just had wasn't enough.

Yesterday we went to deliver some thank-you's and I had a barrage of questioning regarding our home birth from some people I barely know. Due to living in a small city (yes, Duluth is much like the towns Jon and I tried to escape!), our location will remain unknown. Here were some of the obsurd and rude questions (I had already forgotten that people are taken aback by our "backwoods" style of delivering Kylie):
1) Was that planned? (I could only wish my labor had gone so fast that we didn't have time to plan it).
2) Referring to the tub, Was it gross? (well, I'm pretty sure regardless of where you birth, it's doesn't set the stage for a G-rated romantic movie or anything).
3) Did you freak out? (not a good candidate for a homebirth if I did)
4) How much did it cost? (would you like to know our incomes and mortgage payment also?)
I just have to laugh. We're more than willing to share our experience, but for goodness sake, some tact is also appreciated.

I'm excited for next week as it looks like Kylie and I will actually be able to get out more for walks. It's simply been too cold and windy to have her out, especially with a cold. I told her she'll have to fend off all the boy babes when we're out on walks due to her pimpin' ride. I'll post a picture when we finally get to use our great new Cadillac, I mean, stroller!

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Aunt Jeri said...

tell all those Boys she can't date til she's 30!!!