Misc pictures

Well, it looks like winter made a comeback in all of Minnesota! For once it looks like we got the least so that is good.

We did have a couple of really nice days so I got to dress Kylie in a fun outfit that didn't cover quite every square inch of her body! Being the mean mother I am, I continued taking pictures despite her protests to stop and get on with life. Pictures need to be taken before she eats (not so happy time) because then she has to wear a bib until she goes to sleep again.
Otherwise, we run the risk of overflow (hence the bib in almost every picture of her!):

And what is cuter than a naked baby, except one who finally appears to be chunking out a bit:


Katie said...

I can't believe how fast she is changing! I love the outfit in the first picture.

Aunt Jeri said...

too cute

Take the picture Mom, I can't take it!!!!