Odds n Ends

I have finally uploaded some new pictures of Kylie. She's changing so much each day and it's hard to remember in the midst of her fussy times and constant puking that this will all be over soon and I'll have a sassy little toddler on my hands. "This too shall pass" is what I keep in mind, but then I get sad that it will pass and much faster than I ever think it will. But in the meantime, I enjoy her every minute I can.

I also need to clarify her middle name. I've been asked many times if her middle name (Rose) was due to her arriving on Valentine's Day...NOPE, that would be really cheesy. Rose is my mom's name and we had that picked out long before she was born and even before we had her first name picked out.

The midwife humored me and came to do another weigh check today. It's hard to imagine she can gain weight at the rate she urps up, but she's already at 9lbs. 4oz, up about 4oz. from a week ago. So she's doing alright. I might try to modify my diet to see if that helps.

And Madeline, here is for you...you were very good with Kylie when you came to visit. Come see us again soon (and bring your bigger smile!).


Mike and Becky said...

Jo, love the new pictures of Kylie. What a doll! I am glad you are able to enjoy her as much as you have. My one and only daughter (yes, Aimee) was a projectile vomiter! It didn't matter what I did, but she was a healthy, happy baby, so I am praying that will continue to be the same for Kylie. I resigned myself to the fact that that was the way God made her. I do know how inconvenient it is, though, to have a puker on your hands (no pun intended)! I can't wait till we get to see Kylie in person for the first time! Becky

Ginger said...

If her middle name would have been Rose for V-day, I might have disowned you. Not her, you.

A puker, eh? That's pretty gross, must be Jonathan's baby...

-Auntie G

aunt jeri said...

I agree with Ginger!!
The one pic looks like she is talking to someone(or talking back!)

You might want to invest in SHOUT or Spray and Wash stock!!

Aaron said...

(3rd pic - lower right in the first batch): I think that's the same face Jon makes every time I school him in basketball...must be genetic.