Healthy Girl

Kylie had her 2 week check-up today and all is well. She has surpassed her birth weight by about 2 ounces so apparently the feeding is going just fine. If she wasn't such a big puker, perhaps she'd weigh even more by now. I absolutely love people's reactions when they ask how much she weighed at birth. It's usually met with raised eyebrows and a surprising "whoa." I guess I don't know any different so it wasn't that big of deal!

I'm enjoying each day with her more than I could imagine- most of the time, I don't even mind the middle of the night feedings. But maybe that is because she only gets up twice. She's already doing at least one chunk of 4-5 hours between feedings (minus the long while it takes to get her back to sleep). But I just snuggle in with her and doze off while she gets herself back to sleep.

My live-in help (Jon's mom) left on Tuesday and it's been going quite well. But she got me all caught up on cleaning, laundry, ironing, etc before she left. Now we look forward to daddy coming home each night!

Anyway, I've been somewhat negligent on the pictures this week so I've posted a couple of our family pictures taken since Kylie's birth. Enjoy!


becca said...

She is sooooooo sooooo cute i jus tlove her! i think we should scedule a time were i can come up like j did. call me this weekend jo!

Aunt Jeri said...

Hello Cutie Kylie!!

You are so adorable I can hardly stand it!! I'd like to come see you but I've been sick and we want to keep you healthy!! I see you have made friends with the dog-she will be a great friend as you grow up!! Don't give Mom & Dad too much trouble-Love you!
auntie Jeri

Ginger said...

Very very very very cute!!

-Stalker Ginger