The Swaddled Houdini

I was so done with spending HOURS each day getting Kylie sleep; apparently she was, too! Naptime is much less grueling now. The trick: swaddling her tighter than you could ever imagine. If it's not tight enough (and even when I think it is), she somehow escapes as you see in the picture. She typically won't fall sleep if her hands are out since then she's busy trying to figure out how to suck them. It's safe to say Kylie is about as stubborn as both mommy and daddy. It gives me the creeps to put her that tight as I would go absolutely crazy, but it seems to work. She cries/whimpers on and off for just a few minutes and she's off to la la land. What a wonderful accomplishment for us newbies! Jon and I might actually have a couple hours of our evenings back, previously spent just holding her.

Our next battle (which will be daddy's to fight) is to have her take a bottle. In April she'll begin going to a friend's house a day or two a week so we need to get that established soon.

Nothing much else new with us!


Becca said...

i luv the lat pic! she looks very cute and mishtivious...i know i didnt spell that right! LOL o well.

see you in a few!

Katie said...

What a great expression on her face! I can't wait to see how the stubbornness plays out as she gets older....!

Ginger said...

Oh man, was Dakota sniffing where she shouldn't have been again? Girl looks shocked!

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