Final Preparations

I sure have enjoyed looking at all the guesses coming in...especially those with "smaller" weights. Thanks to all you who put in your vote and obviously, it's not too late if you still want to give it a shot!

I had my 39 week appointment today and all is still well. The baby is in perfect position for labor and she's guesstimating 8lbs or so. "8-ish" were her exact words. I told her of my recent symptoms (getting more sore, tired, and crampy) and she was happy to hear that as it signifies my body is absolutely getting ready for what lies ahead.

We spend some tonight making final preparations for the home birth. Jonathan set up the "water doula" (birth dub) and figured out the hose and all that. This may very well be the only picture of me SMILING in that tub (well, except when I meet our baby)!

We also had to figure out how to cover the one window w/o shades on it...Jon rigged up some nails and a blanket. I did some more cleaning today and am completely comfortable with Nojo making his/her appearance at any time.

We got all our supplies ready to go on the dining room table...lots of linens mostly and all the items the midwife said we should have on hand.
For now, I'm trying to stay busy and getting things on my calendar for next week should this continue for a while yet!

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Hilary said...

Hey Jo- I really like your stack of towels!! Especially the one right on top of the stack...will that be the first one in the garbage?? Anyways, we are praying for you, Jon, and Nojo and for a safe delivery!! Hang in there!! Can't wait to meet the little one!