Guesses anyone???

We had another appointment with the midwife today. Absolutely nothing exciting to report...baby and I are just fine. We did get the tub so we're set to go when labor kicks in!

For lack of anything exciting going on, I decided to open up the comments for discussion. I'd like to hear what everybody thinks about the baby:

Date and Time
Any other details you feel so led to contribute (as long as you don't say I'm going to have a 36 hour labor or something!)

You can post a comment w/o creating an account so it's pretty straightforward. I can't wait to hear what everybody thinks!


Jo said...

OK, I'll start us off:

8lbs 2 oz
19 1/2 inches
Tuesday, February 12th @ 9:53pm

The Bailey Family said...

8 lbs 15 oz
20 1/2 inches
Feb 14th 2:15pm

Katie said...

8lbs 8oz
21 inches
February 9th, 11:48pm

Aaron said...

10 lbs 15 oz
24 inches
hairy chest - just like daddy's
goatee - just like daddy's
sweaty - just like daddy
Feb 11 (National "Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk" day) @ 1:23 am

Uncle George said...

8lbs 3oz
19 inches
Monday Feb 4th
8:15 pm

Auntie Jeri said...

9 lbs 1oz
19 inches
Saturday Feb 2nd 5:25pm

The Stepecs said...

Here's a guess from Iowa!

7lbs 10oz
20 inches
Feb 15th 3:31pm

Honu said...

8 lbs, 1 oz
19 1/2 inches
Friday, Feb. 9 (I'm still hoping for a Friday!)
2:06 pm

Aimee said...

8lbs 4 oz
22 inches
Feb. 19 @ 3:23pm

These were Carson's stats...let's see how close you can get! :)

Great Auntie Mary said...

Who could argue with the Mom? Before I read the comments, I was thinking the same exact stats... except the date. Blessings for a very special delivery!

Gramma Kate said...

7 lbs. 5oz.
19 1/2"
February 6, 11:41 a.m.

Ginger said...

With all the yellow and green, no one's going to know anyway, and bald until 2 (like Jon and I).
whatever a sack of flour weighs
February 7th (I'm going to cringe if you have a v-day baby...)
do they really measure babies???

Courtney said...

8 lb 4 oz
20 1/2 inches
Valentine's Day, 1:47pm

In the beginning I had a gut instinct of a boy, but somehow my mind changed to girl.

Auntie Julie said...

Yes, Ginger, they really measure babies!! Let's go for a girl on the 13th (my lucky day!) 8 lbs 1oz and 20 inches. We're all anxiously awaiting!!

Jo said...

I got two more guesses via email...

JoAnn Jaeger says
7lbs 6oz.
Feb 20th @ 1:30pm

Lowell Jaeger says
7lbs 10oz.
19 1/2"
Feb 14th 11:59am

Yes, that is THREE votes for a Valentine's baby. And Feb 20th is sounding REALLY far away to me at this point......

Jo said...

Another guess, this one from Grandma Lyla!

7 lbs 13 oz
20 inches
Feb 11, 11:44 am

Nojo will be a healthy, smiley, content baby. Smart too :)

Jo said...

Great Auntie Carol says:
Jacob Thomas Thompson will be born on
Feb 16th @ 2:48am
8 3/4 lbs
20 3/4 inches

Even a guess on the name...I'm impressed!

Uncle Spanky said...

2/19/08 @ 3:17am
7lbs 12oz
19 1/2 inches

Anonymous said...

Fae said...

Hey looks like there's been a party in here since I last checked....

8lbs 15oz
20 3/4 in
Feb 17th @1:52am

Jo said...

Another guess, this one from Catherine (the mother of my two surrogate girls):
8lbs 6oz
Feb 12th @ 3:36 pm

jodi said...

OK - so I'm getting in late, but I say -

8 lbs 9 oz
20.5 inches
Feb 14 at 1:30 am

Best wishes to you all!