35 Week Pregnant Woman Strangles Fast Food Cashier

That is the headline you all could on have seen on today's news after my visit to Culver's last night. Let me preface this story by saying that just yesterday, I was wondering how in the world I'm going to fit in my clothes much longer as even some of my maternity shirts aren't covering all they need to (contrary to what might be "fashionable", I don't need others staring at my bare belly!).

So...I stopped to eat on my way home from a meeting last night. Mind you I already feel guilty for eating fast food whether or not I'm pregnant, but figure once in a while isn't going to make my kid come out with 2 heads or anything. I went ahead and ordered and the cashier said, "How many weeks?" I was in another train of thought and said, "what?" She repeated herself as I'm still not used to people using my growing belly for random conversation. So after stating I'm 35 weeks she proceeds to ask, "Oh, is it twins?" That was about the point I wanted to reach over the counter and do some not so nice things. But I just took a deep breath and gave her a fake smile while assuring her it's just one baby. She THEN goes on about how people worry about having healthy babies and making sure everything is alright. I said, "well, I've had a pretty healthy pregnancy and there is nothing for me to worry about." To which she replied, "as long as you don't smoke or drink," (while winking at me). OK, girlie, thanks for the tips you learned in HEALTH CLASS this morning. Now I hope you have a class on tact and manners coming up.

The visit was made just a little stranger when she delivered my food and continued asking baby related questions. I politely made it obvious I just wanted to eat. She finally left me alone when the lady who cleans the tables started pacing, in circles, waiting to clean the next empty table. It was myself and one other family in the whole place. She continued to pace, bottle and rag in hand, looking at me every time she passed by. Needless to say, I didn't hang around.

Overall, it was a very strange experience. But I came home, put my sweaties on (God's gift to pregnant women) and tried to reassure myself she just doesn't know what she's talking about! There are always people with dumb things to say.


Katie said...

Yeah, Jo, as long as you don't smoke and drink! Or do meth, crack cocaine, or spend time at the Duluth Family Sauna. :)

Mike and Becky said...

I can relate, Jo. Due to our financial circumstances and the fact that I was not working out of the home when I was pregnant with Aimee and Aaron, I only owned ONE pair of maternity pants(which I wanted to burn afterwards). I had a couple shirts I made, but by the end of the pregnancy, NOTHING fit me. One of my friends loaned me a winter coat (which she told me fit her throughout her ENTIRE pregnancy), which wouldn't even come close to half way going across my belly, let alone fastening when I was about six months along. Just chalk up your size right now to the fact that you carry your babies out front, which is not a bad thing at all. You look wonderful when pregnant!! I love your smile and am so excited to see your little one.You have had a wonderful pregnancy and have been very healthy. People will always (even when you're not pregnant) say DUMB things, no matter what the subject. Believe me, I've heard LOTS of dumb things in my life.

Aimee said...

I SO remember comments like that. We'll have to get together and share stories once Nojo is here and we can laugh about annoying situations like that.

I had an experience in Kmart (yes, Aaron's favorite store) where a lady walked around an endcap and I seriously thought my kid had fallen out onto the floor the way she came hysterically speed walking towards me saying, "OH MY GOSH!!!!!!" with her arms reaching out towards me. I stood there frozen in shock and amazement as she rubbed my belly like an 8 ball and continued to loudly exclaim "I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! WHAT ARE WE HAVING???". Then she leaned down and started TALKING to my bulging belly! I wanted to crawl into a hole and DIE! It was all I could to do keep her from climbing in my car with me, but I somehow managed to escape.

People are just plain stupid...that's the only good answer as to why people behave so ridiculously. Hopefully you can take comfort in the fact that every pregnant woman has a story or two to share. It's still SO stinking annoying, though!!!

You look fabulous and we'll be praying you can hold off your craving for meth and crack cocaine until after Nojo arrives. I hope you're not planning to breastfeed. Hahahaha!! :)

Ginger said...

Of course people make stupid comments, you should be used to them in general after being in my family for this long!