34 Weeks

Happy New Year! Our New Year's was quite uneventful. Somebody from Jon's work gave us tickets to a Duluth Symphony Pops concert featuring Five by Design for earlier in the evening. It was pretty good, although I think we were among the few attendees who won't likely be dying due to natural causes in the next 10 years (code for: we felt really young). That quickly changed, however, when we were in bed by 11 later that night. Low and behold, it was New Year's when we woke up even though we didn't party like rock stars!
I had my 34 week midwife visit today and once again, nothing much to report. The baby is doing just fine and growing according to the charts despite the fact I feel like a hippo. I woke up one day last week and all of a sudden my belly got in the way of things and people started asking "how much longer?" so apparently I'm looking every bit as huge as I'm feeling.

Our next visit will actually be at 37 weeks since our midwife will be enjoying some time off during my 36 week mark. That visit actually takes place here at our home where she makes sure things are set to go, brings the birth tub, etc. Between now and then we have to get all our supplies in order and figure out how we'll arrange the furniture to accommodate both the tub and a bed. Then we wait for little Nojo to make an arrival!

That is about it for now...I told you, nothing exciting (which is good)! Oh, for those of you who were deeply concerned about Dakota (ha ha), she's doing just fine...back to her yippy old self out and about in the yard.


The Bailey Family said...

party animals!!!!

Fae said...

Holy crap!! It's almost time. I am very excited for you. And I also think you are the cutest hippo ever!

Katie said...

Can't wait to meet Nojo! You seem to be walking very gingerly lately...LOL!!!