Lots of Excitement

My first bit of news is, for me, the most exciting. My mom and Jerry finally got a computer AND Internet...which means they now gets to read the blog instead of hearing about it from others and will get to see pictures of little Nojo on a regular basis. I just about peed my pants (which in this stage of the game wouldn't be hard to do) when my sister called and told me to check my email. HOLY CRAP was all I could say as I stared at the screen. I'm thoroughly impressed as they have already successfully emailed and looked at the blog. Way to go mom and Jerry!! Jon noticed I'm just tickled about this so I commented that I'm not hard to please...he's still laughing!

The second bit of excitement is that the baby has definitely dropped. Here I was wondering how I would know and now I know it's just obvious. It feels completely different and I have the pressure of the babies weight really bearing down all the time. I guess that means things are moving along as they should, but I fear I'll have 4-6 weeks of very frequent trips to the bathroom. Or we can hope an early arrival is pending...but won't get our hopes up! Oh well, comes with the territory. Nojo continues to have the hiccups anywhere from 2-5 times a day, which can be quite entertaining.

And the third bit of excitement is that Jon's sister (and our friend Laura) visited this weekend and brought the baby's quilt that she's been working on. I love it and it looks perfect in the crib and room. I never saw any of the fabric or exact pattern so it was all a surprise. Turns out they put it in the crib Friday night and I didn't even notice it until Saturday night...whoops!

I think we have most everything set to go for the birth. Anytime beginning one week from now and ending Feb 24th is considered the "safe window" for me to be at home for the birth. It's getting close! As my dad used to say, now just "hurry up and wait."


Anonymous said...

I laugh every time I read a new post! Easy to please-tht'a an understatement!! Do you need me to send you some depends so you many sneeze without worry??

Love, NoJo's Favorite and coolest auntie!!

Katie said...

YEAH that your mom and Jerry got a computer and internet!! I know how exciting that is for you!

Mike and Becky said...

What an exciting time in your life, Jo (and Jon)! I think it is really neat that you can write all about it and now your mom can read it for herself. How awesome is that? I enjoy reading it and I'm not even your mom! I know she will be thrilled.

Ginger said...

NoJo's favorite and coolest auntie?? I don't think so!! Let's see YOUR quilt ;)

-NoJo's most preferred and easily most stupendous aunt

Aimee said...

Love the quilt!! And what perfect timing for your mom and Jerry to get up and running on their computer!

Oh, and Carson says to tell Nojo Feb. 19th is a great day to be born. :)

Jo said...

Well, you tell Carson that Nojo will have a pretty crabby mommy by the time the 19th roles around;-)

Courtney said...

Yeah, Jo! Baby dropping is a very good sign! I recall that happening somewhere between 3-4 weeks before delivery. Nojo knows just what he/she is supposed to do! I just can't tell you how excited I am for you. I hope you are able to remain as comfortable as possible these last weeks of pregnancy. Before you know it, it will be all over....and then it's just the beginning!!!!!!