Doggie Depression

See how tired and exhausted our baby looks in this picture? I have independently diagnosed Dakota with a mild case of doggie depression. When we returned from Florida, I questioned my friend who took care of her as to what the heck happened. I couldn't get Dakota to come out of her kennel during the day which she doesn't typically go in unless she's told to or she's freezing. She wasn't barking at people as much and wouldn't really eat, either. It took her about 2 days to snap out of it.

Fast forward 3 weeks to Christmas where she spend 4 days harassing and tantalizing Fido, Jon's mom's cat (aka moose!). Yesterday and today have been the same story- she just wants to be inside with me and lays right down on her pillow when I let her in. She usually has to harass me with about 5 minutes of talking before she thinks about laying down for a nap.

And so goes my diagnosis of depression. Although she won't be getting any Prozac anytime soon, I'm sure a nice walk or two will snap her out of it. Or we'll have to set up a playdate so she can get her fix! As for when our real baby comes along...well, stay tuned to see how Dakota handles that one!

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Mike and Becky said...

Poor Dakota! She looks so sad. I can relate to how she feels some days. The winters do get awful long here. I imagine she will be very curious about Nojo and will want to see what the baby is all about. I hope she perks up soon.