I hope everybody had a great Christmas despite the unpredictable weather. We ended up heading out Friday night instead of Saturday morning after the local meteorologist said, "If you can leave tonight, do it." That helped our decision.

We were able to spend time with each family and not feel too rushed anywhere. Although we did say about 20 times, "How are we going to do this with a child?" We have yet to answer that and I suppose we won't until we actually have to do it. Either somebody doesn't get presents or the dog will have to stay back and our kid probably won't sleep for about a week after due to utter confusion! The dog is fairly good entertainment since she stays with Jon's mom and she has a cat that Dakota is absolutely obsessed with. Here is a picture of those two when we were opening gifts. Dakota seems to think she can hide all 62 pounds of herself under the coffee table:
Here is a picture of Jonathan on Santa's lap (thanks to the black shirt I'm not looking too bad in this picture!):

Finally, while we were gone, we got 10-11" of snow to come back to. Here is Jonathan shoveling a path like a madman to the house for his very pregnant wife. So while he shoveled for 2 hours (and still isn't done), I unpacked all our stuff. Somehow we end up with a LOT of stuff when we visit our parents, Christmas or not. I'll go out and do some shoveling this afternoon as I need some activity anyway. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!


Katie said...

Great pic of Jon shoveling - it really shows how much snow there is (and what a great husband he is, right?)!!

Jo said...

bless his gizzards he doesn't even complain about it!