32 Weeks

Today marks 32 weeks into pregnancy and instead of saying 8 weeks left, I'm leaving it between 6-10 because that is just more realistic. That way I can't get ticked off when Feb 10th comes and goes and we still don't have little Nojo around here.

All is well according to my midwife who I saw today. The baby's HR has dropped a bit so for those who believe that actually means something, it would lean toward a boy. I've thought it was a girl and now I'm starting to doubt that, also due to dreams I've had. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I have now felt the baby have the hiccups twice which is a riot. What a strange feeling, but it's a relief to feel them low, indicating the baby's head is staying down. Now if we can make sure I don't have a posterior baby (translation = painful back labor), we should be set.

Sleeping is getting a bit more challenging and uncomfortable, but not too bad yet. I wake up fairly sore from sleeping in one position, but feel OK after moving around a bit. I have kept Jonathan up a bit more with my tossing and turning; it's a pretty big effort to get from one side to the other. He's patient and understanding, though and doesn't make a fuss about it. He did comically refer to putting a cot in the baby's room after delivery (for me) so that he doesn't wake up every time the baby does. Somehow I didn't find that as funny. I give him 2 weeks max to sleep through every nighttime feeding! Our midwife says two nights.

Nothing much else going on; getting ready to head down to our parents' for Christmas. I hope this finds everybody ready for the holidays!


Ginger said...

Oh my gosh you look great!! I can't wait to see you at the super fun family get together in a couple of days. I'm sure you're looking forward to it as well. :)

Aimee said...

Lookin' good! Just some words from the wise...make Jon get up with Nojo from DAY ONE so you don't end up being the only one who's up with him until he's 20 months old and FINALLY decides to sleep through the night. :)

Peyton had the hiccups NON-STOP the whole time I was pregnant, and even now she gets them often – usually right as she falls asleep. It'll be funny to see if Nojo gets them after he/she is born.

Mike and Becky said...

Great pictures, Jo! You do look good and have that "glow" about you. People used to tell me that and I kept wondering if I had a halo or something around my head?! (NOT!) I remember when I was pregnant with Aaron and Aimee and they would both get hiccups. Pretty funny! What was not funny was after they were born and they both cried at the same time. Fun times at the Peterson house!!