Back to Reality

We got back from an amazingly relaxing time in Florida late last night and I should be doing about five other things, but I'd rather update the blog. The weather was absolutely perfect as it was warm enough to be on the beach or by the pool all the time, but I never got too hot which is amazing given my ridiculously narrow window of being comfortable. Nojo traveled fine and didn't give me any problems which was really nice.
Jonathan decided to upgrade our car rental to a convertible which was an experience neither of us had ever had. The car was a 2008 Sebring with about 150 miles on it- also the closest we'll ever come (or want to) to a brand new car! The weather could not have been better for using that car. We basically used it to drive to a couple other beaches and to go out for food. Otherwise, we pretty much just hung out. It's strange for us to go somewhere and not try to cram so much in, but it was a good change!
One strange thing was seeing them celebrate Christmas- it's just doesn't seem right. We overheard a guy say they can't touch a real tree down there for under $150- whether that is true or not, who knows. Jon brought up a good point- wouldn't it be harder for kids to believe in Santa down there since the whole concept is kind of driven by snow, reindeer, etc.? Hmm, hadn't thought of it that way! We also went to a Christmas boat parade where people glitz out their yachts and boats then parade them through the pier. That was neat to see. We got a kick out of the kid behind us- it was fairly evident this family were basically hillbilly's (based on their interaction and speech up until this point)...all of a sudden the 4 year old boy yells, "Hey dad, it's the the po-po boat." Jon and I just glanced at each other wondering if we heard the same thing! He was referring to the police boat that led the parade through the pier. If you're not laughing by now, I guess you had to be there!

This last picture is from our room balcony- can't complain about looking at this in the evenings!


Aimee said...

Wow...looks like you guys had a great time!! You missed the -14 degree windchills and sunless MN weather. :) I'm glad you guys enjoyed yourselves.

Katie said...

1. I love the writing in the sand.
2. Awesome sunset!
3. I'm glad you are back. ;)

Mike and Becky said...

Jo, You're bringing back great memories of our days in Florida a week ago...the weather was fantastic, we also had a Sebring (although not a convertible!), and can identify with it being weird celebrating Christmas in 80+ degree weather! I kept telling Mike that it just "didn't seem right" to see all the decorations, etc. down there and fully realize it was Christmas time! In spite of all the cold weather up here, I still enjoy the change of the seasons. Glad you guys had a wonderful and relaxing time!

becca said...

what did you write in the sand