Can It be Over Already?

Although this has nothing to do with the baby, it certainly has impact on my life. I am DONE with my schoolwork to complete my master's. Hallelujah! I sent my portfolio this afternoon and just turned in my final paper. What a relief. True relief will come, however, when I get word that both were approved and I get my degree.

I have wasted no time getting rid of all my books- I've posted a picture of the last text I will ever list on Amazon (it's a mere $17.50 if anybody is interested in learning how to write a paper APA style!).

Next month marks 2 years since I started this endeavor. I'm happy to say it's over and I have new things (and people) to look forward to. Now, back to assembling a changer and crib!


Katie said...


Libby Design said...

Rock on! What a great feeling to be DONE with school!!! Congrats and good luck assembling all the baby junk! :)

Jo said...

One piece of baby junk is now assembled- the other is still sitting in the box!

Becca (the greatest neice on the planet earth) said...

congrats on copleting yoour class jo! ttyl!