What a Weekend!

Quite the chain of events unfolded over this past weekend:
1) Katie and I surprised our husbands with a trip to the cities including a comedy club, a Timberwolves game (for them), shopping (for us), and fun restaurants. We wanted to go on one last "bigger" trip and fly somewhere, but time got away from us. We had a lot of fun anyway.
2) I received a 250/250 on my final paper...so I'm now ONE step away from my MPH.
3) The mural in the nursery was completed while we were gone. I absolutely love it. I'm a bit disappointed with our furniture because although I ordered both in "cherry", I now realize that different brands interpret colors differently as I did not order them as a set. I should have known. I love both of them, but they certainly don't look like a set as you'll see in the pictures. Oh well, life goes on. Now it's just some details like curtains, a rocking chair, changing pad, etc. Otherwise, the room is ready for little Nojo! Enjoy the pictures.


Fae said...

Wow!!!! you are one busy lady. I can't believe you two are going to have a baby to put in that crib soon. The mural looks cool. I bet it looks even better in person, can't wait to see it.

Aimee said...

The nursery looks great! Isn't it a huge relief once you've got things "ready"???

Hope you're still feeling good! Congrats on your paper, too.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Courtney said...

Wow! It looks so cool, Jo! The mural is really creative. February isn't far away now!!! Can't wait!! Hope your holiday season is starting out to be a great one.

becca (the greatest neice on the planet earth) said...

The picture is awsome! congrats on the score! Wanna do my papers and essays for me?

Jo said...

Nice try, Becca...I love you, but you'll have to write your own papers:-)