Are We Getting Old or What??

Last night we finally met up with another couple who we haven't been able to connect with in quite a while. We went out for dinner and then for ice cream. We were on our way home by 7:45...I noticed this and mentioned that to Jon while laughing and he said, "Well, we started the date at 5:30!" Point well taken...and we were in bed by 10:15, sleeping by 10:16. A couple of disclaimers: the other couple had a 4 month old baby with them and she had to work at 7 this morning. As for our excuse for being old and pathetic.....aw, I'll chalk it up to pregnancy!

I saw the back-up doctor yesterday and if all goes as planned, we won't see her again until the baby's 2 week check up (she's family practice). I got my flu shot and my hemoglobin checked, but decided to forgo the diabetes test. From here on out I'll only see the midwife.

Soon I'll be able to post pictures of the nursery as the carpet will be in on Monday and we can assemble the furniture (Lord help us). Then just the mural needs to be done and voila! we have a complete nursery. Assuming auntie Ginger gets that quilt done:-)

Stay tuned for more oh-so-fascinating stories from the Thompson house!


Aaron said...

It's 6:30 on a Saturday and I could go to bed right now and sleep till 8:00 tomorrow.....and I'm not even pregnant.

Aimee said...

Just wait until Nojo is here and you find yourself crawling in to bed for the night as soon as he/she goes down ...it has nothing to do with being old!! It's all about sleeping when you're able to. With that said, time to start getting ready for bed now that it's 8pm and the kids are both down! :)

Katie said...

The answer to your question is "yes." We were just talking - when we were freshman in college it was EARLY to go to bed at midnight! The times they are a-changing (as long as the wrinkles and gray hair hold off for at least another decade!)

Fae said...

An elderly lady told me that wrinkles, gray hair, and saggy everything is God's form of birth control! What does she know? Kudos to all those sexy (that's for you Jon) Mama's who go to bed early to keep those dark under eye bags at bay!!!