The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

That is what we learned about this weekend at our childbirth classes. We decided to go with the class given by a midwife and doula (not our midwife or doula) that focuses on natural childbirth, whether at home or in the hospital instead of the traditional hospital classes. They were GREAT.

We both feel much more prepared and still have a few decisions to make, but feel more equipped to make those decisions. The class also helped Jonathan to see what is "normal", what some variations of normal are and some of the strange behavior I might exhibit during labor and delivery. He also learned ways to help me cope and how he can be of great support throughout the process. We even practiced some laboring positions (ever been on your hands and knees with your butt up in the air with a room full of people? I can now say I have and can also say I'm glad there will be FEW people present at our birth!)

Overall, we both really enjoyed the time and although we have nothing to compare it to, would highly recommend this class to anybody!


Katie said...

I'm glad the class was good - I hope you remember all you learned during labor and delivery! Just remember, it doesn't matter how you end up having the baby, once your baby comes and you hold Nojo in your arms nothing else will matter and it will make all the pain worth it. ;)

Aimee said...

Hmmm...sounds like a good time! I remember our friends who went to birthing classes telling us some "highlights" similar to yours. :) We (I) chose not to do the classes, but I did check out some video classes from the library for Chad to watch. Let's just say it was an "eye opening" experience for him...as it is for every guy.

That's great that you got so much out of the class! When the time comes you'll just instinctly know what to do and your body will take over for the most part. Like Katie said, once you've got Nojo in your arms you won't really care what your delivery was like...this coming from a crazy woman who delivered a 10 lb. 4 oz. baby WITHOUT a c-section (thank you epidural!)!!! You'll do great!