So I had another ultrasound today and since Jon just started his new job he wasn't planning on coming. So I asked my good friend, Katie, to come with and she happily did. I mentioned to Jon last night that Katie would be coming with and he was worried that we would find out the sex of the baby and he warned me by saying, "DON'T TELL ME IF YOU KNOW!" As much as we both wanted to find out, we decided a surprise would be better for the first baby.

This morning came around and I was determined, as was Katie, we'd be able to look at the screen and tell what little Nojo is (even though we're waiting, it's actually killing me!). Well, obviously we're not trained technicians so easier said than done. I still have my hunch and I'm sticking to it, but we simply couldn't confirm. The tech, however, was sure she knew. I stood there thinking, "What do I do?" Finally, she offered to write it on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope to which I quickly agreed. I then went to visit a friend who works at the hospital to show her the pictures along with the envelope that would tell me if I was carrying Shaniqua or JaMarcus. It took about 30 seconds for the ladies I was visiting to see I was agonizing over this decision when one offered to throw it in the shredder. After thinking about it for about 10 minutes, I handed the envelope over and she stuck it in the machine. So there you have it...I could have known, but will have to wait! I would have been caught red-handed buying gender specific clothes and felt I had to honor what Jon and I agreed on from the beginning. VERY HARD TO DO!!!

Speaking of waiting, the ultrasound is showing a Feb. 11th due date, a little later than what we thought. We might get a Valentines' baby after all; good thing it's further away from the almighty Superbowl! Party at the Thompson's as I'll be too miserable to go anywhere anyway! The tech also noticed the baby doesn't seem to shut it's mouth.....hmmm, that is all I'll say about that!

Also, aside from people touching my belly, the next most rude thing: People saying, "Was this planned?" Excuse me? Yes, if you need to know, this baby was "planned" and tell me, what difference does that make to you who I barely know??? Whatever. Maybe I'll start telling people Nojo was unplanned, has totally messed with our marriage, and the doctor thinks something is wrong with the baby. Perhaps that would stop people from asking such inappropriate questions.

Anyway, enough of my attitude. Enjoy the 3-D pictures!!!


Ginger said...

I am so proud of you!!

Amy said...

Amazing photos!

Katie said...

That was so awesome! Babies are truly miracles - thanks for letting me come with you!

Anonymous said...

Our guess is BOY-if the tech was confident she knew-HELLO?? An extra part stands out nicely!!

Love the part where you want to tell strangers that this was unplanned, it's ruining your marriage....too funny!!!

We say BOY-
Becca and Jeri

Justin said...

My Mom is sick! Saying that an "Extra" part hangs out like a sore thumb!

Aimee said...

I'm jealous...you got one of the "cool" ultrasounds. Both of ours were the dinosaur ones – but I loved them anyways!!

It won't matter how many ultrasounds you have, you'll still be absolutely in awe each time as you watch Nojo move around, exploring "his" ever changing little body. What an incredible blessing that God allows us to experience such an amazing thing!

We'll continue to pray that everything goes smoothly the rest of the way! Oh, and since a lot of first babies are overdue...maybe you could shoot for the 19th – Carson's birthday? Wait, I'm having bad flashbacks from being overdue with Peyton!!! Stick with your due date (if not before!) because we don't need any more 10+ lb. babies. Ouch.:)

Macdaddy Music said...

Jo - remind me to rub your belly and ask you about the strategy/planning of your pregnancy next time I see you.

Courtney said...

Jo, I love this post. I can just hear you talking when I read it! The story about almost finding out the gender is hilarious!! It took some will-power to shred that. I know how hard it is to wait, but you will be so glad you did. It will be one of the best memories of your life when you finally hear "IT'S A _____!" It is SO worth waiting for. The pics of Nojo are fantastic!!

The Bailey Family said...

LOVE THE PICTURES!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE PICTURES!! How amazing! What self-control you have- Valentines day sounds great to me- I'll mark it on the calendar!
See you then!!!!