New Adventures

We don't have a whole lot of updates on the baby, except that he/she moves all the time now. I actually saw my belly move today which was also a first. Not too much longer and other people will be able to see what is going on in there.

Our really exciting news is that Jonathan started a new job. Last Tuesday he accepted a position with North Shore Bank here in Duluth as a "Business Service Specialist". It's a huge change from what he was doing, but he already really likes it and is pretty sure he'll enjoy being there. We spent Wednesday afternoon shopping for a new wardrobe as he has to wear a suit everyday now. So now it's back to me cooking dinner most of the time since I usually work shorter hours! Oh well, I enjoyed it while it lasted. He got many little things done around here during his time off which was also really nice.

My mom and I went to register this weekend which was fun. This week I'll continue working on the baby room before my painters show up next weekend! I finally ordered the crib and changing table, too, so things are moving along.

I hope everybody is enjoying reading the posts!


Aimee said...

Tell Jon congrats on his new job!! Aaron and Katie had mentioned he was entertaining an offer. I'm sure it's a relief that he's found something he enjoys!

jodi (& jen) said...

Jonathon and Jo
We are so thrilled for you! What an answer to prayer. Maybe you should add a picture of Jon so we can all see him in his suits!

Julie said...

How wonderful that all is going well with the pregnancy--and that Jonathon was able to find another job. You're right-I'm sure he will be successful at a place where they allow him to be successful!!

So where did you register?? Since my kids won't get busy, I'll just have to fulfill my grandmotherly urges by looking at things for my new great niece or nephew!

Jo said...

We registered at JcPenney and Target.