No My Belly Is Not Your Magic Eight Ball

....so quit touching it. That is what I'll soon be saying to curious strangers who just have to hold back the urge to feel little Nojo. I don't actually mind too much if I know people (so if you're reading this, you have free tummy access), but for heaven's sake if you don't, get your hands and eyes off my belly. Gross! The ladies at church are particularly touchy-feely!

Nojo hasn't stopped moving since the first time I felt the flutter. Jon was able to feel it just a few days after I did so that was fun. The baby mostly moves around when I'm hungry, but so far is fairly quiet otherwise. Perhaps his/her appetite will be as ferocious as mom and dad's!

We had our first official OB visit with our midwife. I'd say it was a pretty uneventful visit, but so goes the entire pregnancy so far (which I'm thankful for!). We heard the heartbeat again, which has come down a bit to 150 bpm. She talked a lot with us about my nutrition, which tends to get beaten like a dead horse, but I suppose it's important. I pretty much eat what I want as long as I'm getting enough of the healthy stuff- seems to be going just fine! My next appointment will actually be with our backup doctor and I should have an ultrasound at that time. I'm excited to meet her just in case we need her in the end. I'll see her once more at 28 weeks to get all the routine lab work done.

Nursery progress continues...much thanks to my hubby who scraped the border and stickers off. Now that the room is empty, we see the TONS of cracks and bubbles that need our attention before we paint in there. We have a time limit so that should help to get us going a bit. Otherwise, I've spend countless hours on the internet searching for the crib and other nursery items that I simply can't decide upon. I'll think I'm set and ready to order and then I change my mind. Anything I show to Jon is, "sure, that looks nice" which is of little help! I'll try making a decision and sticking with it soon!

I think that is about it. Here are my 20 week pictures...not much change from 16 weeks as far as I can tell!


Aimee said...

You look awesome, Jo! Glad to hear things continue to go well with your pregnancy. We think of you guys often and are praying for both you and Jon as you prepare for the biggest (and greatest!) change of your lives!

Hope to see you soon...give Nojo a "hug" for us!

The Bailey Family said...

Glad to know I have belly access! Can't wait to feel him/her move-

Katie said...

Ditto to what Anna said! :)