Nojo is on the Move!

So I said my next post would be when I felt the baby move which has felt like forever. I would lay down and poke and prod that poor kid trying to feel something and then it came when I was least expecting it. I was laying on my back when I felt a little "flutter" and I was taken off-guard. Then it happened 2-3 more times so I knew it was little Nojo doing some gymnastics. Of course, I haven't felt anything since, but I know that soon enough I'll be trying to keep things still in there! Very exciting time for me, now I can't wait for Jonathan to be able to feel movement, which I'm sure is still a while away.

We have decided to go the home birth route for sure. We have chosen our midwife (it's one of two here in Duluth!) and have our first appointment in a couple of weeks. We've also chosen a backup doctor who is very supportive of home birth and will come in to deliver the baby at the hospital should any problems or issues arise at home. Our original OB pretty much said she wouldn't deliver us (the chances of her being on call are little) which turned me off from the beginning (among 10 other factors), thus turning us to explore this option in the first place. You can check our midwife out at: www.lakesuperiormidwifery.com

Work is underway for the nursery. We've moved the office into the spare bedroom which is now much "cozier." I will now strip off the awful teddy bear border and stickers that are all over that room. They APPEAR to be easy to get off with a little soaking, but I've been surprised before. We will then do some patching and sanding so the room is A-OK for painting. Jonathan's mom and sister will come up the first weekend in October to tackle that project (his mom actually enjoys painting!).

I think those are all the baby updates. Otherwise, life is going pretty well. Jonathan has some pretty good leads on a job so we expect he may be back in the saddle relatively soon. I have a little more work to do for my last 12 weeks of school than I thought (like a 20-page paper!) and work is pretty busy right now. I look forward to November when school is over and I'm just working 15-20 hours a week. It will be a nice relaxing time before our lives gets turned upside down.


Katie said...

I can't believe nobody has commented on this yet! Yeah for Nojo moving!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm not as quick as Katie "FLASH" Peterson but I am equally excited to hear that little Nojo is swimming. Let us know when Nojo starts to dance the jig.


Aimee said...

How exciting! I remember when I first felt Peyton move...I was at work and I swear I didn't to ANYTHING for the rest of the day except sit at my desk staring at my computer screen with a big grin on my face in awe that there was an actual BABY doing backflips in my stomach! How amazing to think about! Once you get a little further along try putting headphones around your belly and see how Nojo responds to music. Jon will get a kick out of Nojo reacting to his voice, too, in a few months. I'm really enjoying following along with you guys on your journey towards parenthood. It makes me stop and look back at the incredible experience of being pregnant and all those special times that only a mother and her baby can share. Now I'm crying...dang, why do I do that?? Before you know it Nojo will be heading off to school and you'll find yourself weeping at your computer as you respond to a blog post thinking about how grown up he/she is. : )

Hilary said...

Very exciting Jo! I know it seems like forever until they start moving but like you said it will be soon enough where Nojo will wiggle all the time. I know Audi can't wait for a little friend!!

The Bailey Family said...

I bet he/she is really swimming now!!