Crazy Hair

For those of you who don't remember, back when I only saw the girls once or twice a year, this blog would be filled for weeks with my subsequent posts! When I first moved back to Duluth, so many posts!! Now that I've been here a year...less with the posts. However, my mother and I watched the girls once again while JonJo had their annual trip to sun, and I've put together a few words. Enjoy!

As Jo mentioned, Kylie is all about the pranks lately. Let this be the full set up to this story.

Jonathan and Jo both had to be out of town for work things one full overnight last week, so I won the lucky draw, and got to watch the girls. Yay! Of course, they are both fairly self sufficient when I'm around. Kylie has been enjoying making dinner, and they both know they are on their own for mornings. Auntie doesn't do mornings. They get up, we all get ready, it's great. Then Kylie says it's crazy hair day, and wants to do Sophie's hair. Oddly, not her own. Sophie is in full agreement. Morning Version Auntie decides to go with it, given it's just funky ponytails and easy to comb out at school if we're in Prank-ville.

Sophie, looking cute as a button. 

"Sophie, look at the soap." (In an attempt to get a good shot of the back of her head)

The big moment arrives...we walk into school...lots of funky hair everywhere!! Kylie came home with funky colors and got to wear her hat all day. Big sigh of relief! 

The following Friday we had a sleepover, and I couldn't let funky hair day go by with such lame color for her. So, matching braids and color abounds!! 

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