Sophie Turns 4!

Sophie's birthday landed on Kylie's final day of play practice. She's been asking to ride a city bus for months so I thought, why not? We hopped on a bus and rode out to Lakeside where there is still an "old school" bakery (yes, these are getting difficult to come by around here!).

She chose a cookie instead of a donut. Of course, once they knew it was her birthday they gave her TWO.

Then played a nearby park before we hopped back on the bus back toward home. 

Her next request was to visit dad at work!

The long awaited gift opening.

We ended the evening by going to Kylie's play, Sleeping Beauty (oddest rendition of this story ever!). Much like last year, she really enjoyed being in this production.

At 4 years old: 
-  She loves all chapstick, hand sanitizer, and lotion (mostly eating them so we have to hide those things)
-  Loves and idolizes her sister (and really dislikes her...depending on the moment.) 
-  Has a fierce side that comes out in blink of an eye
-  Enjoys being in the kitchen with mom, playing in and with water, and riding her 3 wheel bike

We are excited to see where the next year brings for our sweet, sassy, and snuggly little Sophie Marie!

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