Ginger is Lost

This should come as no shock to anyone. I'm what you might call, "directionally challenged." More so than anyone I've ever met. I never stop using my GPS. However, Duluth is giving me some particular trouble. You see, we start with the concepts of uphill or downhill, and The Lake (Lake Superior) as a landmark. Directions are given like this: "You go up 19th until you get to the school (UMD)..." or "Go down to the lake on 21st and take a right at the McDonalds..." The problem is, these directions are given on the flat part of Duluth. You have to know if you are on the top of the hill or the bottom without any obvious clues.

Then we've got the one ways. Allllllll the one ways. Once you figure them out, it's a slick way to get around because all the lights are timed to make it a smooth trip. Until you do, expect excessive circling.

The cherry on top is the road construction. Let me say about this little piece of the puzzle: I'm thankful for road construction! Duluth streets are crappy beyond measure, and road construction is proof that things are improving. Things are improving all over the place, for several blocks. Some streets are totally closed. Some you can pass through, but not turn up or down.

Not even my GPS can save me from this deadly combo.

And then we have UMD (The University of Minnesota - Duluth, where I'm taking a class). We are in Duluth, MN, aka the frozen tundra, so the brilliant builders of the school connected all of the buildings. You can get from the dorms to every class on campus in your PJs in the middle of winter. Awesome sauce! The interesting thing, is all buildings don't connect on the same floor. Floor one of this building connects to floor two of the next building. It's not totally clear where the buildings change. Or which direction you need to go. The signage is pretty bad. Most people know their own classes, and a few big landmarks, but ask anywhere else and they just give a knowing, sad little smile. Even if they do know where you need to go, it's up stairs, down stairs, around corners, click your heels together three times and do a little dance.

If someone could really up the work on a Transporter, that would be great. Thanks.

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Since I didn't have many pictures to share, here's a cute one of Grandma and Soapy (I have to record her saying her own name. So cute! "Soapy Tommy?")

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