Kylie and I spent the day together again. She was in more pain today than the last two and seemed to want more rest. But we still enjoyed activities as she tolerated including nail painting, crafts, bath, and games. And we threw together some recipes. 

My kitchen helper.

Chocolate coconut granola. This was my first time with this recipe and it is delicious! 

Energy bites, sort of like compact granola bars without all the added junk. I had a few extra chocolate chips sitting out from this and they didn't disappear- which is how I know she's not quite right :)


I earned "mother of the year" again. I picked Sophie up at 320.... turns out they closed at 3! Oops. All was well. 

Tonight is a quiet night in, with Jon once again trouble shooting an end of year banking issue. Luckily he can do it fro home. 

A chicken bacon thing I three together for us. Breaks my rule of double meats- kinda grosses me out a little!

Jon said "you don't want to stay up till midnight, right?" Are you kidding? I fully anticipate a normal bedtime tonight. This mama needs her energy tomorrow. 

Meds all ready for the 3am alarm!

Happy New Year!

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