Anybody familiar with blogs know you can be "tagged" after which you post 10 things about yourself. Unfortunately, I don't read that many other blogs and those I do have already been tagged. So I'll post the 10 things, but can't tag anybody else!

1. I collect Pez dispensers. The collection of over 100 makes for good conversation when people see our home for the first time. I've slowed in the process, though, since I just can't justify spending money on a piece of useless plastic! I get them as gifts occasionally.

2. I have bungee-jumped at the Dells. I was SUPPOSED to do it with somebody, but he chickened out...hope you're reading this, "Uncle Spanky!"

3. Sometimes I get a gag reflex when I clean the toilet...I feel like I'm sticking something down the toilet's throat. Weird, huh? You would think I was bulimic in a former life...definitely not.

4. Cruises are now my favorite vacation option.

5. I did NOT like my husband when I first met him as I thought he was arrogant and cocky. I'm not sure when that changed or why/how. I think I partially misunderstood his confidence as arrogance.

6. Watching people get hit in the head is one of the absolute funniest things ever to me (like when it's part of a funny movie).

7. I aspire to one day finish a mini-triathlon. The problem is, I hate biking and am a poor swimmer. Hmmm

8. My biggest regret in life thus far is not spending more time with my dad before he passed away. I was too young and selfish to realize I'd care later.

9. I'm going to have another baby.

10. SOMEDAY. Gotcha!

ps I'll post new Kylie pictures soon!


Jeri said...

Very funny...learned alot about my dear sister....but We'd rather see new pics of Kylie!!!

Katie said...

I totally forgot about you and the toilet thing. That is hilarious!!

Ginger said...

Jonathan IS arrogant and cocky. You just found it charming eventually :) I have the same goal of finishing a mini triathlon, but I hate running. So I vote if neither of us has done it by the time I move to Duluth we should either train together and get through the crap we don't want to do together, OR do one of those tag-team deals. Still counts, right?

Aimee said...

Isn't that funny that neither of us liked the guys we married the first time we met them? And they were roommates...hmmmm, what does that say? :)

I used to gag cleaning toilets, too, but that was when I was younger and had been assigned the chore of cleaning the toilets...which my 3 brothers had all used – if you can call peeing in every direction BUT in the toilet "using" it. I'm sure toilet cleaning now will get interesting once Carson gets the whole potty training deal down. Can't wait!

Aaron said...

I'm still working on getting to like Jon...