Growing Stronger

Well, I haven't posted due to lack of good pictures and lack of much going on with Kylie. She's doing very well and is getting so strong. She has now moved to a 3 and 1/2 hour rotation of eating, wake, sleep during the day and sleeps from 10-7 every night (so long as she's swaddled tight enough!) She has always held her neck quite steady, but now she has started standing up, too. Here is a picture of her just holding on to me and I'm not supporting her at all- she's standing on the floor:She has also taken to tummy time a bit more lately. She'll lay there for quite a while by herself and even longer if we interact with her. She seems to like it more if I put her on the boppy pillow.

And we recently added the toy portion back onto her bouncy chair, which Kylie is absolutely enthralled with. She just stares and waits for the lights to start flashing (I'm a mean mommy, though, and won't always put that on for her...I'm not into kids being entertained all the time).

If the weather ever gets warmer, I'll have lots of pictures to post in all the dresses she has! Between gifts and borrowed clothes, she has about 10 dresses just waiting for her to wear.


Aunt Jeri said...

OMG!!! She is changing sooooofast!! too cute!!

Ginger said...

She's so amazing! She's got to be THE most amazing baby ever :)