Sleeping Baby

At exactly 5 weeks old, I'm happy to report Kylie is able to sleep through the night! I knew she was getting close because for two nights in a row she woke up, but it appeared it was only because she escaped her swaddle. I only fed her one of the nights and the other night she went right back to sleep without eating.

She fed more frequently than normal yesterday possibly indicating a growth spurt so I figured I might be in for a long night (even though she hasn't got up more than once a night since 1 1/2-2 weeks). Well, last night she ate at 9 and was sleeping by 10. I woke up at 4 and thought wow, maybe she's going to do it this time. I wondered if I should get up and pump, but figured if I did, she'd wake up and want to eat. So I happily went back to dream land and woke up at 6 a bit uncomfortable (any mother who has breastfed knows exactly what I mean!). Kylie finally got up at 7 (right on schedule) and ate.

I'm not foolish enough to think this will automatically happen every night now, but we know she is fully capable of going that long without eating. Another trick I figured out was switching swaddling blankets. I had been using one with some give which allowed her to get out with enough grunting and will power. I now use a stiffer one and she's much less able to get out! I feel cruel, but hey, she goes down pretty darn easily and stays down.

One success at a time...I can live with that:-) Stay tuned to see the cutest little girl on Easter Sunday!!!


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Lucky.......Emily (my sister) didnt sleep through the night untill she was like 6 months old