Easter and Such

As promised, here are some pictures from Easter. We didn't get any family pictures because by the time I had Kylie and myself ready, Jonathan was out shoveling the 3 inches of lake-effect snow that showed up overnight! If Easter wasn't really early this year, that would have been even more depressing!

Today, Kylie and I went to visit Fae , who will be taking care of her when I need to work. Kylie took a bottle from her just fine which was reassuring. Kylie also seemed to like having Abby, will will be 2 in July, around her. I was amazed at how motherly and gentle Abby is with her. Dave and Fae have been good role models as parents and have helped us see how we want to parent. I'm at ease with the care she'll get there which makes it just slightly easier to leave her.


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Did you realize that Kylie's Easter dress matches the blog site?

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I used to think Katie was nice!!!!