Telling grandmas and grandpa's!

I know, some of you still can't believe it...the Thompson's are pregnant after 6 wonderful years of marital bliss:-) No really, it took this long for both of us to be completey ready and to realize we'll have to be a bit less selfish (aka...cut down on our travel). With having so many family and friends pretty far away (and the prompting of a good friend) we, actually I, decided to keep a blog so everybody can keep up to speed with the baby....who is about the size of a pencil eraser right now!

So we've known for about three weeks now and this weekend we finally get to tell our parents. I'm getting pretty nervous, but excited as we know they will be ecstatic. Phone calls to and from my mom have made it nearly impossible for me to not spew the news out, but we want to do it in person.

Aside from having to keep the best secret of my life, pregnancy is treating me very well. No sickies (yet?), just a little yucky feeling from about 1-3 most afternoons, nothing unbearable by any means! I'm pretty sure I survive on pickels as that has been my number one craving... about 3 jars have passed through our house so far:-)

With that, I have to finish packing the car so we can head down to our parents'. I hope you all enjoy the blog and if not, don't look at it!


Katie said...

Your last sentence is the best!

The Libbys said...

Pickles were my favorite, too. Pickles and popcorn...at the same time. Chad thought I was INSANE, but hey, it tasted great at the time...not so sure I'd try it now, though. : )

Fae said...

This is why blogs stink. All I wanted to do was make a quick sassy comment about pickles and "Don't like it, Don't read it" but in order to do that I have to sign up on 50 million things. Oh well. Yeah for the both of you!!!!

Justin S. said...

I still can't believe you!!!! I can't wait to come up next week!!!