A few of you have noticed (and seemingly cared) that I haven't posted in a while. It turns out that the app I used on my phone to post on the blog is no longer supported in the current apple operating system. Code: I can no longer update the blog from my phone unless the upgrade the app .

This is HUGE. Very rarely do I even use the computer for non-work stuff, much less make the time in the evenings to do so. I typically can do a post from my phone in mere minutes, making it an easy thing to do anytime I have a wait or can't do something else.

Unless I can figure out an alternative, my posts will certainly be more limited. For now, here are a few pictures of the past several weeks.

Visiting Aunt G at her new job (UMD). 

Christmas City of the North Parade

Thanksgiving with Holly, Pat, and Aunt G

 Holly brought a craft again.
 Even Jon got in on it!

 We ate, cleaned up, and headed down to Bentleyville. No snow to celebrate with, but very mild temps and short(ish) line for Santa. Win win.

And the annual tree hunt. We got a whopper this year- both in terms of size and ugliness. Jon was all but begging me to just invest in an fake tree; I just can't get myself to do it yet. He's a trooper and doesn't complain, just grits his teeth a bit :-) 

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