St. Patty's Day Fun and Food

Lunchtime. This balanced out the boxed Mac and cheese. Maybe?

K asked to bake cookies during S's nap. Sure, if we can make them green:)

Batter tester woke up:

Saturday night we had a party with friends. I realized I took pictures of some of the food and none of the people. Go figure!

My attempt at cloverleaf veggies:

Fun ice!

Irish Coddle. I doubled the recipe and it made a TON (this pic was only part of it) Luckily it was very well recieved by the 6 adults and 10 kiddos otherwise we'd have been in trouble. Essentially it's bacon, sausage, potato, onion, stock, and thyme. 

Dessert for the kiddos. Lucky Charm bars. 

Sophie's selfie that I found on my phone today!

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