Service Project

This year one of the teachers at school sent an email about a one day "mission" project of deep cleaning while the kids were on break. I figured I could take a half day off of work and pitch in since I don't often help out in other ways. As it turned out, K came with and helped for a while. There were quite a few students helping which was good to see. Many willing bodies made it all move along faster than anticipated. 

Tasked with some of the bathrooms. She thought it was hilarious to go into the boys. I found it rather disgusting myself. 

I nearly lost both eyes to the end of this mop. Pretty sure it weighed as much as she does and she struggled with it. 

And then the kids got bored. This is her friend Eden. 

Organizing the after school care shelves. This was a great task for these three!

I ended up taking the rest of the day off so we could head to the mall. She had a gift card and "spend" money burning a hole in her pocket!

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