San Diego

Last week I had the privilege to head to San Diego for the National Healthcare Coalition Conference. It was absolutely beautiful and I even learned a few things :)

Sunrise run on the boardwalk! I usually workout at 515-530am here. They are two hours behind so you do the math on when I was up a raring to go each day!

Coronado Island. 

I worked out everyday plus lots and lots of walking. It felt great! 

Right in the bay across from hotel:

I want her job (I mean, she gets to wear workout clothes ALL DAY!). She surfaced  intermittently through the the conference to get people up and moving to promote wellness. My colleagues tell me I'm not chipper enough for her job 😜

Another view:

A post-dinner view the city from Coronado Island:

Grandma Rosie came to help lighten the burden on daddy and the girls. I'm not sure who was happier when she got home- Her or Grandpa Jerry! 

Apparent she was not impressed with our food options....see her handwriting on the top of my running grocery list? Oh did we laugh when we saw that. 

Thanks Grandma!! 

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