Kylie's Programs

I'd better post a few from programs before Christmas completely comes and goes!

Church program. Neither girl was overly excited about their dresses (whenever I put a dress on S, she says "all done!") so when another girl decided she didn't want her planned part (a baby doll...wearing pj's), I think K just about tackled some kids to get in "costume". 


School program. Her school tried something new this year and while I was skeptical, it went great. They combined the elementary school with the concert for MS/HS choir and worship team. It was well run, coordinated, and timely.

Here was the final song led by high school, but they panned up to the balcony where the other students were. When they pan up and to the right, Kylie is second to left.

Sophie's program. This was laid back; basically they had their music teacher come in and do a music class with them, using songs, instruments, and actions they've been practicing when she comes.  Short and sweet!


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