Random pictures

In an attempt to satisfy some of you crazy bloggers, I'm posting an assortment of pictures. I'm trying to write out our birth story and match it with pictures...somehow I'd rather spend time doting on my newborn than on the computer! Hmmm. I'll get around to all those details sometime, but for now I'm enjoying motherhood.

Anyway, we're truly enjoying our new adventure. Everything is going so well, I'm still amazed. I feel absolutely great, certainly not like I just pushed out a 9lb kid. I have plenty of energy and haven't had any emotional crashes yet. Kylie is truly a joy for us to have in our house and getting to know her is the best thing ever. All the cheesy cliches I've heard about having children are true, much to my chagrin.

Here are the sisters meeting for the first time...kinda funny, Dakota went right for Kylie's butt and low and behold there was poop in there!

So for now that is it. I'll try keeping up here in the next few days, especially while I still have Jonathan at home with me. Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Aimee said...

Thanks for posting more pics!!! I'm impressed you actually were able to tear yourself away from your sweet new arrival! I remember when Peyton was born and all I wanted to do was hold her and stare at her...when other people wanted to hold her I'd secretly hope she'd suddenly "get hungry" or something so I'd have a good excuse not to hand her over to someone else. :) What a special time for you guys! Enjoy your time with her because it goes by WAY TOO FAST!!!

Aunt Jeri said...

Look at those feet!!! She is so adorable. Showing her off here at the clinic to anyone who will look!!
Can't wait to see her!!

Auntie Jeri

Anonymous said...

she is a complete cutie......i want to come up soooooooooooooooooooooo bad!
the greatest cousin/neice ever!

Sara said...

Congratulations!! She is so beautiful. :) I'm glad that the birth went well and that you're loving your first days as a mom. Thanks for sharing the news and picture!