Never Wake A Sleeping Baby

It's entirely possible that our child will be born without a name (besides Nojo, of course). This picture shows what happens when Jon picks up the baby name book...lights out! And here I was wondering what's been taking him so long to get a list together! The mystery is revealed. The name may end up being quite a challenge as we don't really like many of the same names. Luckily we have plenty of time to decide such details. We always have our backup names of JaMarcus and Shaniqua (or LaFonda).

Off to wake up papa bear so we can go for a hike!


Fae said...

Look out Jo. Now you've open the door for everyone who sees you to offer just about every name anyone has ever heard of (and probably some wierd made up ones) as a suggestion for your Nojo. Good luck coming up with creative ways to decline all of the offers.

Katie said...

How about this one: "Thanks for the name suggestion, but I'd rather name my child Osama Sadaam Muhammad than that!"