Why Nojo?

OK so I've already had several people ask how we came up with Nojo. We were at our friends’ house for dinner to celebrate our growing family and another couple who are adopting from Ethiopia (they will probably travel soon after we have our baby). Anyway…the couple that had us over always tries to combine letters from the mom and dad’s name to create a baby name. My name obviously doesn’t leave much to work with….so they came up with the catchy name of Nojo. I decided it’s better than saying “the baby” all the time and he/she briefly has a nameJ

Previous to Nojo, Jon had decided we would tell people the boy name would be JaMarcus and the girls name Shaniqua (LaFonda being a close second). So the mystery remains (and will until delivery) as to the sex of the baby, but at least we have some names to work with….ha!

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