All Is Well

Despite the pathetic pictures of Jonathan, all is well. Many have been asking how I'm feeling and the answer is pretty good. I haven't had any nausea for weeks now and my food aversions are slowly diminishing. I had chicken yesterday and it didn't totally gross me out (although it was deep fried). The pickle craze has subsided and now I'm craving red meat like burgers and steaks. Not normal for me, but Jon is sure enjoying it while it lasts! Maalox, however, has become a saving grace for my indigestion!

One interesting thing is that we're considering doing a home birth. We're in the early stages of figuring out if this is even a feasible option, but I'm leaning toward being more comfortable with it than the hospital and Jon is supportive of that. It just seems so much more natural and private, the way a birth should be (barring certain situations, of course). We'll see, though. I'll keep you all updated as we figure things out. Who knows, the midwife we want is probably on vacation that week or something.

I've tried on a bunch of hand-me-down maternity clothes and fear I'll be sporting them sooner more than later. I've retired some pants already praying I'll fit into them a year from now and praying even harder I won't have to run any more half marathons to get everything to fit!

Anyway, that is all for now. I have changed the comment option so you can leave a comment without having to sing up for anything- sorry Fae!


Aimee said...

Glad to hear everything is going well. That's great you're considering a home birth...my kids were so dang big it probably would have been too dangerous for us to try that, but I always thought it would be such a cool experience. Hopefully everything works out for that...and if it doesn't, then you can join the rest of us baring it all in front of a hospital crew. : )

As far as the maternity clothes thing goes...you'll soon learn that what's really important is that you're comfortable. Maternity clothes and me didn't exactly mix, but you just do what you have to do to get by. Have I mentioned the rubber band around the top button of your pants trick? I'm sure someone else has already suggested it. That little trick got me through those "in between" weeks where you weren't quite ready for full-blown maternity pants, but you couldn't stand wearing your normal pants.

Lastly, as you pack up your "normal" clothes, just try to keep in mind that even if you never get back into your favorite pair of jeans (it's amazing what childbirth does to your hips!!!), you'll have an incredible little one to show for it...somedays you'll long to be back to your newlywed size, but then you look at everything God's blessed you with and you'll realize that fitting into a smaller size isn't what's going to matter in the long run. It took me a while to figure that one out. : )

Hope your pregnancy continues to go well! We're enjoying being able to follow along through your blog. Take care and hopefully we'll see you in a few weeks when we come up to visit!!

Steve Rustad said...

Really? Jo enjoying red meat? What's next? My guess is you'll start craving salad dressing and mayo...lol

Amy said...

Hey Jo -- Congrats on the baby-on-the-way! It's encouraging to know you guys were married six years before taking the plunge. We just hit two years and aren't even considering it yet! I hope life in Duluth is treating you well!

Amy (Johnson) Patrick

Justin said...

I am excited to come up tomarrow!!!!