Quick Grandparent Visit

Grandma Rosie and Grandpa Jerry made a quick trip to town, mostly to pick K up for some time at their place. 

They went on the pizza train for the first time and although sounded OK, won't be a do again activity. Yes, Sophie went in one of her new princess dresses!

Can't go wrong with this great view from the Pier B hotel!


Duluth Police Department Visit

These ladies made the Duluth Police Chief's Facebook page! 

After a hectic first half of the week, Ashley the Nanny with Kylie (tall) and Sophie (small) came in to visit us and brought in some of the best chocolate chip cookies ever!

Lt. Chuck O’Connor gave these lovely ladies a tour of the PD. Thank you so much for your kindness and interest in what we do!


Random Summer Fun

Celebrated Kylie achieving all A's and B's by a little trip to Dunkin' Donuts.

Getting ready for the park is quite the process...and dare we rush her...

Her babies need to travel safe, too, which requires a seatbelt...

While the above was a different trip to the park, the outcome was similar...

Introduction to shaved ice and she didn't finish it...

Helping dad was the car. She keeps her helmet on for much of the day as she can't do it herself and who wants to ask for help that many times in a day???

And finished off the day with a fire and smores...

 One grad party had a candy buffet, pared with food they wouldn't eat. You can imagine the outcome on that one...

Another grad party with a fun photo booth...

The nanny hasn't quit yet and there are days I wonder why. They're giving her a run for her money, but I think they're all getting more used to each other now. She's also from WI so isn't familiar with Duluth weather. I can't imagine why this is challenging:

Here she is with the kiddos and K's lemonade stand. Lemonade, cookies, and stress balls. She was distressed because none of her stress balls sold :-)


Father's Day

For Father's Day, Jon wanted to head down to the lake. It was a somewhat short visit, as despite rain gear, it started coming down pretty good. It was fun to watch the storm roll in.

Sophie being cute

Sophie being cute. Like she is.